Israellycool » Hizbullah Down Under Punditry in the Middle East Mon, 20 Jul 2015 19:04:10 +0000 en-US hourly 1 More eBay Sellers Hawking Items Promoting Terrorism Fri, 07 Nov 2014 13:43:03 +0000 As I have pointed out in the past, there are eBay sellers being allowed to hawk their wares in contravention of the terms and conditions which prohibit any offensive material from being listed, including “Any item that glorifies or promotes violence toward animals or humans,” “Items related to terrorist organizations” and “Items promoting racial or ethnic intolerance”

Sellers like al-ghurabah, who is still allowed to do so, despite being reported at the beginning of this year.

He’s only the tip of the iceberg. Reader Craig has identified some additional terror supporters on eBay.

Like Rennes2004, who has a bit of a Hizbullah hardon.

ebay 1 rennes204 ebay 2 rennes204 ebay 3 rennes204

Then there’s galaxyflags, who seems really confused.

eBay galaxyflags

Here’s the rub: eBay and Paypal are profiting from any sales to a tune of 15%, so they are profiting from this terrorism support.

Please report these scumbags. Here’s hoping eBay actually do something this time.

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Hizbully Fawzi Ayoub Bites The Dust In Syria Wed, 28 May 2014 06:53:56 +0000 A Hizbullah terrorist freed by Israel in a 2004 “prisoner exchange” has gone from terrorist “big fish” to “sleeping with the fishes.”

Cry me a river.

fawzi-ayoubFawzi Ayoub was a hijacker, international terrorist operative and senior member of Hezbollah. He was also a naturalized Canadian citizen, but on Monday Lebanese media reported he was dead, killed in an ambush by Syrian rebels.

The 48-year-old former Toronto supermarket employee, who rose through the ranks of Hezbollah despite his tendency for getting arrested before completing his missions, was declared a “martyr” on a Facebook page filled with photos of him in battle fatigues.

The Lebanese-Canadian had been on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist list since 2009, when he was indicted for using a false American passport to enter Israel “for the purpose of conducting a bombing” for Hezbollah, according to his wanted notice.

While several Canadian jihadists have died over the past year while fighting to topple President Bashar Al-Assad, Ayoub is the first known to have lost his life defending the dictator. He was reportedly killed in Aleppo on Sunday by the Western-backed Free Syrian Army.


Upon returning to Beirut in 2000, he was recruited into Hezbollah’s Islamic Jihad unit and trained for a mission to Israel. Using a fake U.S. passport that identified him as Frank Boschi, he made his way to Hebron. Israeli authorities claim he intended to assassinate the Israeli prime minister.

Arrested in July 2002, he was returned to Lebanon two years later as part of a prisoner swap that saw 436 Palestinians and Lebanese freed in exchange for kidnapped Israeli businessman Elhanan Tannenbaum and the bodies of three Israeli soldiers abducted and killed by Hezbollah in 2000.

Television footage showed Ayoub disembarking from a plane at Beirut airport and kissing the hand of Hezbollah boss Hassan Nasrallah. “He said at one point he may [return to Canada] but that’s not in his immediate plans,” a spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs said at the time.

But a return to Canada became all but impossible after he was charged by the United States and identified as a wanted terrorist. Instead he apparently was apparently given a command position, leading Hezbollah forces in northern Syria.

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The Curious Case Of The Clueless Bashers Sun, 25 May 2014 15:43:07 +0000 The IDF Spokesperson once again put a wrong image on their Twitter account.

The image is of the War Memorial of Korea Museum in Seoul. As I pointed out politely

Naturally, this to-the-point advocacy against Hezbullah, their illegal weapon stockpile upfront to UNSC-1701, and the fact IDF is commemorating the WITHDRAWAL from Lebanon in the quest for peace, means Israel bashers were on it like vultures.

Translation: You are liars, the photograph is of North Korean missiles.

Translation: Don’t believe the lies of the IDF Spokesperson. He links to his blog post ->

יחצנים של צה”ל במאבק על תקציב הלקוח שלהם והם אינם בוחלים באמצעים. ואם לא מצליחים להפחיד אותנו עם איומים של הפסקת אימונים וחזרה לכשירות של לפני מלחמת לבנון השנייה, אז אולי טילים צפון קוריאנים יצליחו להפחיד אותנו.

במוצאי שבת, 24.05.2014 חשבון הטוויטר של דובר צה”ל סיפק את הציוץ הבא (לחץ כאן למקור):

או בתרגום חופשי שלי לעברית

חיילי צה”ל יצאו מלבנון לפני 14 שנים. עכשיו הטרוריסטים של חיזבאללה נשארו שם עם 100,000 טילים מכוונים לעבר ישראל

לציוץ צרפו תצלום של טילים (שבדיקה העלתה שמגיעים מאזור אחר בעולם):

מתוך חשבון הטוויטר של דובר צה"ל

בדיקת הבלוג מעלה כי מקור התצלום בדרום קוריאה. מה שרואים בתצלום אלה דגמים של טילי סקאד מדגם B ו-C צפון קוריאנים שהוצגו בבירת בדרום קוריאה סיאול באנדרטת הזיכרון למלחמה (לחץ פה למקור)

אז עם כל הכבוד לפחדים שקיימים בחברה הישראלית ומוכנות או אי מוכנות העורף למלחמה, נא להפחיד אותנו עם האמת ולא עם אילוסטרציות ואם האמת לא מפחידה או לא באמת מאיימת אז בבקשה לעזוב אותנו בשקט.


IDF’s PR people struggle for their client budget and they are using all means necessary. If they fail to scare us with threats of cessation of training and return to fighting form from before the Second Lebanon War, then North Korean missiles might intimidate us.

On Saturday night , 5/24/2014 Twitter account IDF spokesman provided the following Tweet ( Click here to source ) : ” IDF troops left # Lebanon 14yrs ago . Now # Hezbollah terrorists have rearmed, w / 100,000 missiles pointed at # Israel ” Or my free translation to Hebrew IDF Soldiers left Lebanon 14 years ago. Now Hezbollah terrorists are there with 100,000 missiles aimed at Israel To the Tweet was attach a photograph of missiles (that a check showed that came from another part of the world) Blog checks shows that the source of the photograph in South Korea. What you see in the photograph are models of North Korean Scud  B and Scud C missiles, displayed in the capital Seoul’s South Korea War Memorial Monument (click here for source ) So with all due respect to the fears that exist in Israeli society and the readiness or lack of readiness for war, please frighten us with the truth and not with illustrations. And if the truth is not really scary or not really threatening, please leave us alone .

Now the first rule of “fact-checking” is to fact-check yourself. This anti-establishment blogger re: MSNBC lied on yet another media source (MSNBC). As our readers might know, when it comes to military illustrations, the media is crap. Despite what the caption says, there is no Scud C in this display. Here are photos from different angles South Korea North Korea Rocket Launch South Korea Koreas Tension south_korea_north_korea_nuclear You can even check the shadows in Google earth, corresponding to just these 2 vertical missiles, the left one, a Scud B replica, and the right one, a nuclear-tipped Nike-Hercules SAM. So by stating that “What you see in the photograph are models of North Korean Scud  B and Scud C missiles”, Zeatu Barbarosa not only reneges on his assertion he tweeted these are NK missiles, but also mistakenly says there’s a Scud C. Yet the real sleight of pen here is that he casually dismisses the IDF claim of a massive Hezbullah re-arming, thank to Iran and Syria, which was the gist of the IDF Spokesperson tweet. The fun doesn’t end here. Even Haaretz joins the bashing:

Israel uses photo of Korean missiles in scare tweet about Hezbollah threat IDF: ‘Illustrative photo does not detract from gravity of threat posed by Hezbollah’s armament.’ The IDF Spokesperson on Saturday posted on its Twitter account a supposed image of some of the 100,000 missiles Hezbollah has aimed at Israeli cities – but there’s a problem or two with it. The missiles shown are not to be found in Lebanon, or even in Syria, and only one of them could remotely be said to illustrate any threat posed against Israel. The photo, which appears to be from AFP/Getty Images, was used on an IDF Spokesperson tweet marking 14 years since the army withdrew from Lebanon. “#Israel troops left #Lebanon 14yrs ago. Now #Hezbollah terrorists have rearmed, w/100,000 missiles pointed at #Israel,” it read. However, the tweet did not mention that the photo is illustrative only. In a blog post by Zeatu Barbarosa that was picked up by the pseudonymous Israeli blogger Eishton, it was noted that the photo was not particularly suited to the text of the tweet, as it bears no connection to Hezbollah. Indeed, according to the photo caption published by the French news agency AFP, the missiles depicted are mounted on a Korean War memorial in Seoul. — Yet the IDF Spokesperson’s digital editors were not the first to use this photo. It or others like it illustrated many articles on the Web and in print media in Israel and abroad on the subject of Scud missiles, because the word “Scud” appeared in the caption. However, most of the fearsome-looking weapons seen in the photo are U.S.-made anti-aircraft missiles used against Hawk fighter jets (part of the Israel Air Force’s fleet) and Nike Hercules missiles.

Epic fail. By trying to be witty, Ha’aretz fails Aruz Sheva style. You see, while Oded Yaron started to write that these are MIM-23 Hawk missiles, he nose-dived into a different Hawk, a trainer. Thing is, that too is a misidentification of the type of fighter used by the IAF, the Skyhawk. Never to miss an opportunity to bash Israel, DouchebloggerTm Richard Silverstein had this to say:

The facts in the text are accurate as far as they go (more on this below). But the deceit lies in the picture. It doesn’t show Hezbollah missiles, nor even missiles in Hezbollah’s arsenal. The IDF spokesperson couldn’t be bothered to find such a picture which would actually match the text. Instead, he found an ominous photo of missiles that conveyed the menace and threat he sought to dramatize. So he used it. Authenticity or accuracy be damned.

Yes, in his eyes, there’s always a malicious intent, deceit, or fraud. Though Dickie too shouldn’t be pointing fingers that quick:

Go and check Dave’s post about the irony of Dickie blasting someone for tweeting mismatched photos. So there you have it. Game, set, and match of Israel bashing. Some obscure blogger claiming the IDF are liars for posting a wrong pic, an anti-Israel advocacy site outwitting itself, and the ever hypocritical Silverstein, who’s escapades are literally too long to write about in one blog post. As for IDF spokesperson, I’m sure it is lesson learned. Update: Haaretz have “corrected” their error. gggfThey simply erased the term “Hawk”, just making it appear as though the Hawk missile can only intercept fighter jets, which are only used by the Israeli air force, and not bombers, drones, helicopters, or reconnaissance planes of any other air force in the world

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On Monday The EU Ambassador Walked Out Mon, 31 Mar 2014 12:53:02 +0000 I have waited, a little impatiently, but still have not received an answer to my question.

On Monday, March 24, Lars Faaborg-Andersen Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the State of Israel was seated at the dais at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs conference, “Europe and Israel; A New Paradigm.”

He presented his view that the boycott was a failure and there was no crisis between EU and Israel. Gee, we have “open skies” and shared values. He listened to speakers on economy and strategic threats. But as Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld showed slide after anti-Semitic European media political cartoon slide,

image Lars Faaborg-Andersen, photo JCPA conference, picture conference at Inbal Hotel

the EU Ambassador to Israel got up and left the banquet hall.

image anti-semetic cartoon, photo anti-semetism, picture of political cartoon Europe

There was only one slide left to be shown too.

Talk about Israel-EU divide.

What Israeli participant would sit through over 4 hours of lectures, and then walk out before a full dairy buffet meal at the Inbal Hotel?

Maybe those vile cartoons made Faaborg-Andersen too sick for lunch?

Deputy Chief of Mission of the Delegation of the European Union to Israel and Head of the Political Section, Mark Gallagher sat with the afternoon panelists.

Amb. Freddy Eytan, Prof. Shlomo Avineri, Robin Shepherd, and Fiamma Nirenstein, who one after another, talked of the “racist cloud over Europe,” of “Islamic racism,” “shame on Europe,” and “PA incitement.”

image Zvi Mazel, photo Mark Gallagher, picture EU and Israeli talking

Mark Gallagher asked that we keep it all in perspective as he stated that there are strong relations between Europe and Israel.

When the speakers finished, former Ambassador Zvi Mazel went over to Gallagher.

Mazel had said that Europe must act like the “adult in the room” and try to stop PA incitement.

Lars Faaborg-Andersen was there for that, but did the EU reps hear it?

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Photo of the Day: International Women’s Day in Iran Sun, 09 Mar 2014 16:29:56 +0000 Back from AIPAC and Hollywood, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave this comment today at his cabinet meeting,

I call this to the attention of Catherine Ashton, who is now visiting Tehran. I would like to ask her if she asked her Iranian hosts about this shipment of weapons for terrorist organizations, and if not, why not. I think that it would be proper for the international community to give its opinion regarding Iran’s true policy, not its propaganda.”

image Catherine Ashton in Iran

I added the words to this official photo of the visit by Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the EC to Iran.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, on the right, and Catherine Ashton was the official caption.

This photo sure likes another good piece of propaganda to me.

Seems the EU’s Ashton is indeed smiling and ignoring…again, all covered up,

and on International Women’s Day!

HT: @Levitt_Matt

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Families Protest Prisoner Release Sun, 29 Dec 2013 14:56:13 +0000 For 935 days, the family of Gilad Shalit and their supporters occupied a Jerusalem, Israel street.

It was surprising to hear that the tent that is now located in that spot outside the Prime Minister’s residence was to be removed by order of the Municipality, on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.

image protest Israel, photo protest tent Jerusalem, picture protesters prisoner realease.

However, after a Monday visit and apology from Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat,

image protest against prisoner release, image family members protest, photo tent near prime ministers home, picture prisoner release protest

family members of murdered Israelis were still on the street with signs,

Israel protest poster image, photo protest poster only Israel frees murderers, picture protest sign

  ‘Israeli government officials should be embarrassed – only in Israel do murderers go free’

image Palestinian prisoners, photo Palestine warriors, picture Israel protest

and terrorists go home and terror increases.

As this latest release of 26 convicted murders seems destined to go through, will these murderers also receive a heroes welcome and healthy financial package?

What has Israel gotten in return from such ‘painful gestures’ other than more pain?

Has the Palestinian Authority moved one baby-step toward a compromise?

image terror victim memorial, photo terror victim, picture memorial candle

 Posters with the victims faces and memorial candles seem of little comfort.


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Iran Set for Boom in 10 Easy Steps Thu, 28 Nov 2013 14:50:47 +0000 The Iranian oil industry is set for a boom in sales.

I went to hear Emily Landau, a senior research associate at the Institute for National Security Studies – INSS and director of the Arms Control and Regional Security Project speak at The Jerusalem Press Club in  Jerusalem, Israel.

She has published and lectured extensively on nuclear proliferation, arms control efforts, regional security in the Middle East and many related topics. Plus, her current research focuses on regional dynamics and processes in the Middle East, and recent trends in global nuclear arms control thinking, including the nuclear ambitions of determined proliferators.

picture Emily Landau, photo Iran expert, image INSS

I was hoping for some “news-worthy” insights and information, but instead, after her remarks, all I could think to share is what I was thinking and did not say, here in italics.


EL – Emily Landau first mentioned the loss of Arik.

      Sure his death totally took over the Israeli news, because better Arik than Arak?


EL – The P5 + 1 Deal in Geneva got Obama what he wanted, an “interim deal,”  so it was a success for the US President.

     Yes, but that deal says nothing about Iran continuing to “test,” only that they cannot “operate” in Nataz. 


EL – Iran has for 10 years been advancing its military aspirations.

     So now they might negogiatel? 


EL – Pressure here is the key, Assad had chemical weapons and dismantled them, under the threat of military intervention.

    .. well, sorta.


EL – Ok, there are problems, Iran will not sit quietly, but will “haggle” over details and we should expect “fuzzy” and “grey” areas.

      Like there are TWO versions of what was agreed to in Geneva already!


EL – This certainly should be a “red-flag” to everyone, it will be difficult to catch Iran in non-compliance.

      Duh, look at the UN and the IAEA”s  track record until now!


EL – Then, there is Israel.  Bibi’s tone is most problematic and he must tone down his rhetoric. Israeli Prime Minister is not saying anything that world leaders do not know.

       All  this has been said at UN over last ten years, but he must tone down!


EL – Iran has been “cheating the international community for years.”

      Iran is really special. I said it stopped something in 2003, that it said it never had!


EL – Rouhani smiles at the UN and says there is no nuclear program, and uses this tactical move as a stalling technique.

      Want to take bets on how many undeclared nuclear facilities there are? Just be sure to start with the 3 known ones.


EL – So the world has an “interim deal” and is talking, meanwhile Iran is very close to break out and having its sanctions lifted. Obama has not shown he would really take military action.

        Oh well, but then, look at the situations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Egypt.

photo INSS expert, image INSS,

The following question that I asked of the speaker was not original and got a big laugh. But I did not get a good answer.

“The Iranians are amazing rug makers. They have it in their blood. They have endless patience to sit and work one thread at a time to complete their vision no matter how long it takes.

Does the US President or those in the Western World know or comprehend that?


Meanwhile, for the Israelis it was so much easier to listen to the music of Arik Einstein all day, rather than think about Geneva and that Arak.

The world maybe watching and waiting, but it is all about the economy stupid!


The bottom line is that hundreds of businesses are ready to pounce and make money in Iran.

So please, why does Iran need nuclear power plants?


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Hi, I’m New Here, An Arab Zionist and Former Muslim Sat, 02 Nov 2013 21:21:22 +0000 pic for israellycoolHello everyone! I’m the guy in Dave’s last post (the pro-Israel one, not the other nincompoop!). Dave was impressed with my videos and asked that I join the team. I told him “Hell, yeah!”

Just to tell you a little about myself: I have an Islamic background and I went to Muslim schools in the UK, from age 7 to 16. When I first started, the indoctrination began, and I was taught to hate and demonize Jews and other “infidels” (but the main focus was on Jews). I was also warned against buying certain products, such as Jaffa oranges and many others. By the time I was 10-12, this was the height of my antisemitism. I was paranoid and believed everything I was taught.

In 1996, at age 14,  there was a war in Lebanon. Hezbollah was firing rockets into Israel and Israel retaliated. Our Imam told us that the head of Hezbollah would march into Tel Aviv and then Jerusalem by the next week. Of course, a week later Hezbollah had suffered a humiliating defeat. Yet the Imam came out with the same rhetoric. Our Islamic teacher, though, had a different view – he was more despondent and angry, and told us that if we fight the Jews then it is ok ‘to kill them and to drink their blood.’

I could go on and on about the lies and propaganda fed to us, but that same year, I called the Israeli embassy (out of curiosity), wanting their side of the story. I soon lost interest.

The summer of that year, I started following football (soccer). The team I began to admire, Ajax Amsterdam, not only was founded by Jews but had the Star of David as its symbol. This didn’t matter to me as I was keen to learn more about the club and their history.

Moving forward to 1999, I was in Jordan and one day the neighborhood erupted in joy. I thought it was a wedding at first, but it turned out that there was a suicide attack in Israel. They started handing out sweets to us, and I went inside to see the tv and the carnage that was going on, while around me everyone was joyful. At this point I thought to myself “Aren’t we dehumanizing ourselves if we are dehumanizing other people?”

In 2003, there was the war in Iraq, the country in which I was born. Me and my friend were angry at the time, and started ranting about USA and UK foreign policies. My friend then blamed Israel. I objected and he started yelling at me. We argued, and he labelled me a Zionist. We started to drift away after that, but I decided I was going to recognize Israel and supports its existence, even though I didn’t agree with its policies.

In 2006, my friends came over from Amsterdam, and we were going to watch Ajax play at the Emirates Stadium. On the same day, my father asked me if i would like to join him at a Hezbollah demonstration, and I refused simply because I was more interested in seeing the game with my friends. But from 2003, I would wrestle with myself on the situation of Israel, since it was shoved in our faces here in the UK.

At this point, I met someone online, who showed me new things I had never seen before, especially Honest Reporting.  I then did some extensive research, and realised that being anti Israel was most often antisemitism. Today it’s the boycott of Israel, but in the 1930s it was the boycott of Jewish businesses. There are many other examples like The Times newspaper with a cartoon of Ariel Sharon drinking the blood of a palestinian child. You get my drift.

Anti semites start their hatred against Jews and then they go after other minorities. Being a member of a minority group in the UK, it makes sense for me to stand with Israel, and expose the lies and propaganda. Furthermore, if we look at recent history in America, Jews were prominent for the rights of African Americans. In South Africa, Jews spearheaded the campaign against Apartheid. Over here in the UK, Jews were the first to stand up against BNP fascists.

So there you have it ladies and gentleman, my story in a nutshell. I am very happy to now be part of Israellycool, and I look forward to posting on here from now on.

But for now, here is my latest video, in which I take on Jenny Tonge and her supporters.

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Sky News Eliminates “West Bank” From Israel Fri, 23 Aug 2013 09:45:36 +0000 Last time I checked, the status of the “disputed territories” was the subject of negotiation. But Sky News seems to know better, and wants to let everyone know, even in a story concerning Israel being attacked by terrorists in Lebanon (hat tip: EuroGirl3).

sky news map of israel

Click to enlarge

At some point, Sky News had gender agenda reassignment surgery and became the BBC.

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When Pigs Fly (And Lie) Sat, 17 Aug 2013 19:53:19 +0000 Nasrallah wipesChief Hizbully Hassan Nasrallah says he’s ready to go fight in Syria if need be.

“If the battle with these terrorist Takfiris requires for me personally and all of Hezbollah to go to Syria, we will go to Syria,” he said, drawing thunderous applause from thousands of supporters gathered in a village in south Lebanon bordering Israel. The crowd watched him speak on a large screen via satellite link.

Methinks he is full of sh*t. Especially when his organization is drawing fire from Israel, and he’s too afraid to go outside and launder his underpants.

Not that pigs don’t sometimes have their airborne moments.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met with students at the UN headquarters in Jerusalem on Friday afternoon, and admitted that his organization was biased against Israel.

Responding to a student who said Israelis felt their country was discriminated against in the international organization, Ban confirmed that there was a biased attitude towards the Israeli people and Israeli government, stressing that it was “an unfortunate situation.”


Addressing the attitude towards Israel, Ban said that the Jewish state was a UN member and should therefore be treated equally like all other 192 member states. Unfortunately, he added, Israel has been criticized and sometimes discriminated against because of the Mideast conflict.

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