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WATCH: From Hizbullah Terrorist To Jewish Rabbi

An amazing story

More eBay Sellers Hawking Items Promoting Terrorism

It's like whack-a-mole

Hizbully Fawzi Ayoub Bites The Dust In Syria

He's gone from terrorist "big fish" to "sleeping with the fishes"

The Curious Case Of The Clueless Bashers

The first rule of "fact-checking" is to fact-check yourself
image Lars Faaborg-Andersen, photo JCPA conference, picture conference at Inbal Hotel

On Monday The EU Ambassador Walked Out

Europe has to be the adult in the room and demand the PA stop incitement.

Photo of the Day: International Women’s Day in Iran

Nobody has the right to ignore the true and murderous actions of the regime in Tehran.
image protest Israel, photo protest tent Jerusalem, picture protesters prisoner realease.

Families Protest Prisoner Release

As another Palestinian prisoner release is announced, families of murdered Israelis take to the streets in protest
picture Emily Landau, photo Iran expert, image INSS

Iran Set for Boom in 10 Easy Steps

With lifting of sanctions, Iran set for boom, what else should we expect..

Hi, I’m New Here, An Arab Zionist and Former Muslim

Hello everyone! I'm the guy in Dave's last post

Sky News Eliminates “West Bank” From Israel

Last time I checked, the status of the "disputed territories" was the subject of negotiation. But Sky News seems to know better
Nasrallah wipes

When Pigs Fly (And Lie)

Chief Hizbully Hassan Nasrallah says he's ready to go fight in Syria if need be

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