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Hollywood Mensch Liev Schreiber Returns to Israel

Actor Liev Schreiber is in Israel, reportedly to deliver a masterclass on acting at Tel Aviv University today

Spotted in Israel: Will Smith

The incredibly talented Will Smith is here in Israel

Celebrities Help Raise Record $53.8 Million For IDF

Because not all celebrities are numbskulls

Guest Post: From Exodus to Munich: How Did We Get Here?

Two movies could not be more different

Restaurant With Sandwich Named After Herzl One Of Hottest In Hollywood

Zionist Hollywood Restaurant of Doomᵀᴹ

Famous Supporters of Israel: Danny Kaye

They don't make Hollywood celebrities like they used to

“Captain America” Chris Evans To Play Israeli Agent Helping Rescue Ethiopian Jews

Chris Evans set to star in Gideon Raff-directed drama

Mel Gibson’s Quiet Repentance?

If true, I have to give credit where credit is due

Special Guest Post: Mark Pellegrino Hits Back

Actor Mark Pellegrino responds to a nasty piece by Ha'aretz journalist Itamar Zohar

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