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Vile Antisemitism At Ryerson University With Student Walkout

Looks like the typical action of Students for Justice in Palestine during a pro-Israel resolution.

WATCH: What The Puck? Holocaust-Themed Ice Skating On Russian TV

What is wrong with people?!

Test Yourself: Nazi Era Antisemitic Cartoon Or Modern One?

It is no secret the Holocaust did nothing to stop antisemitism. In fact, we have been seeing a huge rise in antisemitism for quite...

WATCH: Powerful Scenes As IDF Veterans Meet Holocaust Survivors

"We kind of feel we continue the heritage of them; what they created and built."

Choosing Morality

Gudrun Burwitz, was given a choice in life.

The Greatest Answer

Celebrating life in Israel is the best answer to this kind of insult

WATCH: Helen Mirren Advocates For Holocaust Victims

Wonderful actress, wonderful woman

The Forgotten “Nakba”

What you are not hearing about nearly enough - if at all

Alan Dershowitz’s Vision Problem

Alan Dershowitz takes a roots trip to Europe and has an epiphany: the Holocaust is the reason for Israel.
Remembrance memorial flame in Israel used on buildings

WATCH: Holocaust Remembrance Day Siren

When memorial siren sounds to remember in Jerusalem

My Holocaust Story

Varda thought she had no relatives murdered in the Holocaust. Then she read a big fat book about her family. This is her personal Holocaust story.

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