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Test Yourself: Nazi Era Antisemitic Cartoon Or Modern One?

It is no secret the Holocaust did nothing to stop antisemitism. In fact, we have been seeing a huge rise in antisemitism for quite...

WATCH: Powerful Scenes As IDF Veterans Meet Holocaust Survivors

"We kind of feel we continue the heritage of them; what they created and built."

Choosing Morality

Gudrun Burwitz, was given a choice in life.

The Greatest Answer

Celebrating life in Israel is the best answer to this kind of insult

WATCH: Helen Mirren Advocates For Holocaust Victims

Wonderful actress, wonderful woman

The Forgotten “Nakba”

What you are not hearing about nearly enough - if at all

Alan Dershowitz’s Vision Problem

Alan Dershowitz takes a roots trip to Europe and has an epiphany: the Holocaust is the reason for Israel.
Remembrance memorial flame in Israel used on buildings

WATCH: Holocaust Remembrance Day Siren

When memorial siren sounds to remember in Jerusalem

My Holocaust Story

Varda thought she had no relatives murdered in the Holocaust. Then she read a big fat book about her family. This is her personal Holocaust story.

There’s Just One Left…

Just one remains

The One Thing They Couldn’t Take

There was one thing the Nazis wanted more than anything else, but it was also the one thing that was out of reach.

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