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Anti-Israel Nincompoop of the Day

Stewart Mcgill of London hates Israel and the IDF. But he is clearly doing it all wrong!

WATCH: Vladimir Putin’s Joke About Israeli Soldier

Russian President Vladimir Putin apparently has a sense of humor

Israeli Navy Prepping for Hizbullah Jet Ski Invasion!

Part of a large-scale amphibious training exercise taking place in the north this week.

WATCH: Muslim Boy Strikes Israeli Soldier

A sick society that thrives on child abuse.

WATCH: The IDF Soldier Who Neutralized Halamish Terrorist Speaks

This is the eyewitness testimony of the IDF soldier who neutralised the terrorist in Halamish with a single shot

How Times Of Israel Fed ISIS Is Israel Conspiracy Nonsense

Islamic State are not under the control of Israel and Times of Israel should know better than feeding those claims
Two female Israeli soldiers on base eating a Crembo

IDF Soldiers Needing a Home

A worthwhile, very needed, and long over due project

The Hardest Days

May the stars in the night sky be the candles of your cake

The Manslaughter Conviction Of Elor Azaria Will Be Used To Harm Israel

What should happen is a worldwide acknowledgment that the IDF is the most moral army

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