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About Those Pictures With The Kids With Artillery

These pictures have been debunked previously on this blog but the attention on Hamas's brainwashing of children caused their resurrection

Latest Blood Libel: The Case of the Cruel Israeli Soldiers

A video allegedly of IDF soldiers brutalizing a palestinian has been doing the rounds the last few days

Riot Control Technology That Could Be Very Effective in Repelling Gazan Rioters

This seems like it could be much more effective for repelling rioters than something like tear-gas

An Open Letter From An Israeli About Friday’s “Atrocities”

A letter from an Israeli who is sick and tired of foreigners and uninformed virtue signallers telling us what to do.

WATCH: The Video of IDF Soldiers The Mainstream Media WON’T Be Showing

During yesterday's Hamas-led "March of Return" riot at the Gaza border, IDF soldiers handed out food to palestinian children (being used as Hamas shields)

US Marines Training With IDF

Some news not being covered by the mainstream media, - just a few Israeli and obscure sites

The Art of Healing IDF Veterans

Bonnie is living proof that here in Israel, the ordinary can be extraordinary.

Anti-Israel Nincompoop of the Day

Stewart Mcgill of London hates Israel and the IDF. But he is clearly doing it all wrong!

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