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Tuesday, December 6, 2016
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Tag: IDF

Israel Conversation

So what are people talking about in Israel?

IDF Lone Soldiers Save The (Wedding) Day

With all the negativity in the air, time for a positive and touching story.

IDF Spotted Dining With US Army – In Williamsburg

Clearly, the level of cooperation between the IDF and US army is fantastic

WATCH: Inspiring African-American Lone Soldier Avi Rosenblum

Avi Rosenblum: born to African-American parents, raised by Jewish adoptive parents and now a soldier in the IDF

7 Myths About Bibi Busted

It'a time to stop hating on Bibi!

WATCH: Powerful Scenes As IDF Veterans Meet Holocaust Survivors

"We kind of feel we continue the heritage of them; what they created and built."

Photo Of The Day: Like Father, Like Son

A a son recreates a photo of his IDF paratrooper father

How the Israeli Army Made Me Cry

What made Paula cry?

What If Arabs Had To Serve?

What if Arabs had to serve in the army?

Reader Post: A Message From An IDF Soldier

Reader Hananya, an IDF soldier, had the impulse to film this

Happy Last Day

Paula's daughter has finished school and is set to serve her nation

Adventures As A Pro-Israel Wikipedia Contributor

Is Wikipedia really as anti-Israel as people say it's become?
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