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Friday, January 19, 2018
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The Most Chilling Thing Written About Paris Terror

Thirteen-year-olds, 14-year-olds saying, “You shouldn’t insult the Prophet. The killing is justified.”

Who Is Asghar Bukhari?

Man speak with forked tongue

Video: Douglas Murray At Brilliant Best

Douglas Murray pulls no punches

When Muslims Speak Honestly About Islam

And for the sake of peace among men, that one should not say to his fellow, “My father is greater than yours”
image arab girls

Paris Blame Islam: Kristof vs Choudary

"Whoever insults a Prophet kill him."

Terror Attack In France

Wake up world!

Exclusive: The Photos That Are Causing Palestinian Heads To Explode

Figuratively speaking of course.
image muslim prayer

2015: Year for Partnership and Friendship

Let it be a year of understanding and mutual respect

Cry Me A River: Complaining About Airport Security

Look who’s whining about a little light freedom massage at the airport.


#illridewithyou no problem. You should be able to wear your hijabs without being harassed or persecuted. But..

Video: “The Time For [The Jews] Slaughter Has Come”

He's not a fan of Jews. Nor neat beards.

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