Thursday, April 28, 2016
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Hey Hey We’re Jihadis

Crazy (murderous) kids!

Summertime In Israel

How do you know Summer has arrived?

Gaza Kindergarten Play From Hell

Another generation is indoctrinated with hate and bloodlust in Gaza

The Terrorist Wars

Knock each other out!

Palestinian Framing Attempts Of Kidnapped Israelis

They'll do whatever it take to "prove" they are kidnapped soldiers and not civilans

Death Of A Palestinian Gunfather

Where age is no barrier

A Bright Future Behind Him

So we have a dead 21 year old and we’re able to talk about terrorist exploits “in his earlier days”

Israellycool Gets Results – Islamic Jihad Facebook Page Removed

Page removed indefinitely, we made a difference.

Palestinian Bombs Iranian Embassy In Lebanon: Karma Overload

See what happens when dogmas collide, eye opening thoughtful hilarity ensues.
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