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But Mr. Haniyeh, Why is My Bus Ticket to the March of Return Only...

"Maybe I could work in the Hamas Headquarters Bunker underneath Gaza Hospital! That seems like a nice job."

Gaza, Where The Victims Victimize

It’s a hard knock life

Separated At Birth: Haniyeh Don’t Edition

What would Paul say

Hamashole Ismail’s Unwell

We have the latest odds for what may have happened
Lauren Booth hamas

Hilarious Lauren Booth Cameo

Egyptians know a dumb blonde kurva when they see one.

Hamas Leaders Prefer Jewish Doctors

It seems that either Hamas leaders prefer Jewish doctors, or their own hospitals in Gaza are still being used as munitions dumps.

Scenes From A Hamas Rally: Palestinian Child Abuse Edition

Some more sickening scenes from our neighbors in Gaza

BDS Fail Of The Day

Chief Hamashole Ismail Haniyeh caught helping feed kids eating Zionist yogurt

Ismail Haniyeh’s Nephew Croaked

Before he could murder Israelis

Nostalgic Photo Of The Day – Three Musketeers

Old photograph of former Hamas leaders, 3 down, one to go.

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