Wednesday, May 25, 2016
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Giving An Inch Is Not An Option

We will fail to keep any of Israel if we don’t assert our right to be on all of it.

Reader Post: Leave No Man Behind

Reader Zahava takes Israel’s Prime Minister and Defense Minister to task

Know Your History: The Jewish And Arab Reactions To The Partition Plan, 1947

Why the palestinians did not get a state in 1947

Know Your History: A Map Of Palestine, 1855

In this battle of ideas, accuracy, words and concepts do matter, and to claim otherwise is foolish

Know Your History: Sabena Hijacking Rescue Operation, 1972

When the NY times was in awe of Israel's daring

Know Your History: The ‘Palestinian Refugees’ As Pawns, 1972

The New York Times stating the obvious over 40 years ago, but what they won't state now

Know Your History: King Hussein’s Plan & The Reaction Of “West Bank” Arabs, 1972

Some more history the haters will not like

Know Your History: Israel’s Offer to Repatriate Arab Refugees, July 1967

Another fascinating glimpse at the past

Know Your History: The “Refugee Problem”, 1957

The New York Times opinion on the "refugee" issue back in 1957

Know Your History: The Six Day War, June 1967

A fascinating look back at the NY Times coverage of one of the most important events of Israel's modern history

Know Your History: French Leftists Supported Israel, 1967

The world was very different in 1967
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