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This article is a collaboration, between a Metis man and a Jewish woman. At some points we make it clear who is speaking and at others we purposefully left it less clear, because we either wrote it together in total collaboration or we want you to focus on the message rather than who wrote it.

My name is Alexandra and I am a Jew from Montréal, Québec. When I was a kid, I had no idea that all parents didn’t tell their kids to always keep a low profile, never draw any attention to themselves, and not stand up publicly for causes they believe in that might attract any controversy whatsoever. My parents had high expectations for me. When I’d bring home a test with a 95 on it, or even 99, my mom would make sure I worked on the concept I got wrong, study even harder, and never got too complacent until I brought home the Governor General Medal at graduation. I was pushed to succeed, but told to do so quietly. Before I got to know kids from other backgrounds, I didn’t understand how my classmates weren’t doing as well as me because I thought all parents were like mine.

In college, as some of my friends started getting involved in social justice causes, I was advised to stay away. They would ask me “Why would you want other people to hate you if you could avoid it? What if your future boss didn’t support gay marriage, or Israel’s right to exist?” Much to their chagrin, I’m not the kind of person who could witness injustice happening right under my nose and not do anything about it, so I kept up my advocacy.

Compared to most advocates, I’m actually pretty tame and moderate in my views, but my parents were still concerned that their friends would think I’m a radical if I kept it up. My mother pleaded: “Let someone else’s kid get shot for standing up for what she believes in!”

I didn’t understand what was going on. My parents were secular liberals just like I was. Their political views aligned with mine almost exactly. We all agreed that religious fundamentalists and radical leftists are coo coo for coco puffs, that universal human rights are important, that the State of Israel is the most important thing that Jews have and that we should support politicians who support Israel. It wasn’t as if I was standing up for something that went against their values. Their problems weren’t with my opinions, but the very fact that I was expressing them publicly for all to see.

My reaction to coming from a marginalised and oppressed people is to raise awareness about the marginalization and oppression of my people all over the world so that people can maybe wake up. When my people are being oppressed all over the world to the extent that it has become politically correct to be an antisemite, silence is not an option. I suppose this makes me a “bad” Jew because good Jews are obedient, quiet, and don’t rock the boat. A self-proclaimed history buff, I read a lot about the holocaust, the pogroms, and a whole slew of atrocities committed against my people, and realized that the quiet, “good” Jews walked hand in hand with the chutzpah “bad” Jews to the gas chambers, and that I refuse to go down without an effort, without knowing that I did all I can for my people. I wondered why there weren’t more Jews like me. It was only when I started talking to some other Jews who are involved in Israel advocacy as well as my friend, Métis activist Ryan Bellerose, that I realized what was probably going on….

My name is Ryan and I am a Métis from Paddle Prairie, Alberta. When I was a kid I was given mixed messages. I was told that I had to excel, that no matter what endeavours I undertook, I had to be the best. One time after a Baseball game, I went 7 for 9 with 5 home runs, but all Merv (my father) would talk about on the drive home was the fact that I struck out twice. That drive to excel was ingrained, and it’s transferred to many facets of my life. I had no idea that this was not something taught to all children. I just assumed everyone dealt with it differently. Standing on the sidelines was never an option for me. The strangest dichotomy though is the fact that while Merv pushed me to excel, my grandmother was always worried about me “standing out”. She would always tell me to “be careful.” It wasn’t until I was much older than I came to understand that her concern came from a very sad place, a place of experience of what happened to indigenous people who “stood out.” Merv would tell me to be so visible that I could not be targeted, and my grandmother would tell me to be less visible so that I wouldn’t be.

I am not your typical pro-Israel advocate, perhaps because my background comes from the Indian rights struggles and perhaps because of my personality, but I am loud, brash, in your face and unapologetic. I realized a long time ago that people who are gonna hate you, are gonna hate you whether you are “nice and quiet” or if you are “brash and and loud.” My father (Merv) would get annoyed with me because he figured I needed to be much more politically correct, which is funny because now our roles are reversed. He is the politically incorrect one and I tend to choose my words more carefully. My reaction to coming from a marginalised and oppressed people is to be much more visible, to make it impossible to ignore me. My coping mechanism is to tilt at the windmills, and to never be silent. I suppose this makes me a “bad Indian,” because good Indians are obedient and quiet. But I recognise these idiosyncrasies for what they are: coping mechanisms for PTSD. I understand that what my people underwent for generations manifests itself in what we see as a collective memory, even when we don’t really understand what that means.

Indians believe that we are a product of our experiences and our ancestors experiences. The idea of genetic memory is not a foreign concept to us. The experiences of our people, like Alexandra’s people – the many attempts to conduct genocides, the displacements – all have had an effect on us, even people like me and Alex who outwardly would seem to be pretty well adjusted. We all have echoes of these things in our personalities and how we interact with the world.

We think the differences in coping mechanisms between Jews and Métis can be characterized by acute vs. chronic…

First, we do not want to offend anyone who has undergone horrific events,. We are trying to explain something horrific and difficult to understand, with an example of something much less horrific and less difficult to understand: Ryan has a condition called Gout. What it means is that his kidneys do not function properly and uric acid builds up in his joints. It’s a chronic condition, meaning it’s persistent and long lasting. However it also has acute phases which means it also manifests as sudden, severe and extremely painful. After we chatted about this one night, we came to believe that the difference between the Indian and Jewish experiences with oppression, marginalisation and genocide can be looked at in much the same way: acute vs. chronic PTSD.

The Jews have almost become inured to oppression and marginalization, given that their entire history seems to be “they attacked us, tried to kill us, tried to convert us.” Yet somehow they have always managed to avoid the fate so determinedly chosen for them by others. The persistent and long lasting hatred of Jewish people is difficult to understand because its not logical, but it is no less damaging or horrific for that lack of logic. In this way, it’s more of a chronic sort of condition, persistent and long lasting. This has meant that Jews have come up with coping mechanisms designed to help them cope with a chronic hatred over thousands of years. The acute phases become easier to deal with (again speaking on a macro scale) because they are already prepared somewhat. Its not as if their experiences aren’t as hard-hitting, it’s just that Jews are more prepared because of their background. They have had millennia to perfect the coping mechanisms they have in place.

Indians have a much shorter (in the long view of things) experience with oppression, marginalization and genocide. In a historical view, their experience would be much more akin to an acute condition; in 1492, they were suddenly colonized, and a genocide, through violent and non violent means, was conducted. Their population was violently reduced through war and disease and frankly the effect was pretty severe. Their coping mechanisms are not as effective as the ones that Jewish people came up with, in our opinion, because they had no history of this. The shock was almost beyond belief….

While studying cosmology in philosophy class in college, I read a lot of Plato’s works, including Dialogues, where the philosopher describes a collective awareness that is passed down from generation to generation, which he called the nous. A scientist by training, I used to doubt the possibility of collective PTSD, and the concept of nous seemed like nothing more than Greek mythology. However, science has shown that Plato was probably onto something. Genomic memory exists in the form of epigenetics – small modifications made to DNA that impact gene expression. These modifications have been proven present in Holocaust survivors and their children, as well as the descendants of sufferers of other pogroms, genocides, and wars. Although genetically very distinct, Jews and North American Indians have one thing in common: Every single one of us has experienced numerous concerted attempts by colonial powers to wipe us out.

But why are we so different in what are key ways? Why do Jews have the lowest levels of alcoholism in Canada while Indigenous Canadians have the highest? Why do Jews have some of the highest high school graduation rates in Canada while Indigenous Canadians have some of the lowest? In general, why do Jews seem to have more effective coping mechanisms than Indigenous Canadians – Is this the main reason why Jews are considered “privileged” and Indigenous are not? It’s definitely not innate, as Indigenous Canadians are pretty smart and resourceful people with a rich tradition and tight-knit,mostly peaceful culture just like the Jews…

What Jews Can Learn from North American Indians

This might sound facetious but because of the acute manner of colonization, North American Indians have stayed close to their roots as indigenous peoples, and as a people, they tend not to think in a colonized manner in the same way that peoples who were colonized for a long time do.

North American Indians have no doubt about their indigenous status and in general have great pride in it. Conversely, because Jews have lived in Diaspora for so long, they often think in a very colonized manner; this manifests in Jews who denigrate, sometimes inadvertently, Jewish culture and Jewish human rights in order to better assimilate. It is a serious issue. Jews should have no doubt about their indigenous status in Israel, and should be proud of it, not guilty about upsetting their colonizers.

Jews need to relearn to think like the indigenous people they are. Jews need to relearn the importance of their indigenous status and the rights it grants. They MUST regain the pride in being indigenous as its integral for the their struggle to gain legitimacy. The idea that any indigenous people can have their indigenous status taken away through displacement, is a damaging one, However even more damaging is the idea that indigenous status is granted THROUGH conquering. Jews must learn to take their rightful place as an indigenous people. They must not be apologetic about this as it is their birthright as an indigenous people. They need to relearn that their priority is not to fit in, but to be who they are while maintaining their indigenous traditions and culture.

What North American Indians Can Learn from Jews

Unlike Indigenous North Americans, Jews have had almost 4000 years of practice at being oppressed, enslaved, massacred, colonized, and ethnically cleansed. As a result, they’ve had ample time to come up with coping mechanisms to mentally prepare for and better withstand their persecution, which, if history is any indication, is inevitable. Many defining characteristics of Jewish culture have been inherited as a result of their experience.

  • Ambition. Some North American Indians, but not enough, have learned to harness that fire within them and channel it towards more constructive means: Always strive to be the best you can be, to try your best at everything you do, and to channel your passion and aggression into ambition. However this is not something that is a prevalent as it needs to be. Cultures with PTSD feel a rage within us, a desire to show our colonizers or oppressors that they didn’t get the better of us. Many oppressed and disenfranchised individuals resort to violence and criminality, but Jews know that the best way to upset your enemy is by doing well by just means – beat them at their own game. They feel that in order to change the system for the better, they need to work extremely hard, move up the ladder, and implement change from within. That’s why there is such a disproportionate amount of Jews in positions of power in academia, in corporations, and in government. Native North Americans need to find that drive on a cultural level.
  • Remembrance. Jews have a strong tradition of preserving their oral and written histories, as do Métis and many other North American Indian peoples. Every holiday, they engage in the cathartic practice of remembering their past and celebrating their triumphs in an organized and structured way, to give them a feeling of control over their destiny, a way to preserve their traditions and sense of identity, and have the last laugh over their enemies, many of whose empires Jews outlived as a people. Where we differ is that while both cultures have an oral tradition, the Jews write books and people build museums to ensure that their history is not forgotten. North American Indians should make it a point to revive and preserve the traditions and oral histories of their ancestors, write them down, and pass them on to their children so that the sense of pride for having survived our oppressors never goes away. This cultural resurgence is incredibly important.

The commonalities here are obvious. Both Jews and Indians are warrior peoples who venerate life. Both have strong traditions of fighting to protect our lands and people but neither were imperialist or concerned with massive empires. Both are intelligent, empathetic and concerned with leaving the world better than they found it. The key differences stem from the chronic nature of Jew hatred vs the acute nature of the effects of the sudden European colonization of American Indians. Where the Jewish people have adapted and built several coping mechanisms that helped them overcome systematic oppression and even attempted genocides, the Native communities in North America have not reached that point yet. There are many things for our peoples to learn from each other, and by looking at our similarities we can find common ground with which to begin that discourse. Our peoples have a natural affinity that we can build upon, and the world can only be better for having those bridges built.

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Zionist Death BrasTM Mon, 06 Apr 2015 16:56:58 +0000 TM comes out latest diabolical weapon]]> In news destined to cause n..ehh..ripples throughout the region, another of our diabolical weapons has been uncovered: Zionist Death BrasTM

Warning: Zionist Google Autotranslation of DoomTM follows

death bras..through which the Zionist enemy fabricating led the means to target Muslims Harivat Yes, my dear brother of the Zionist lobby is malicious tactics to target your sister .. .. your mother your wife.

Initially we observe you in the words of one of the sisters, which came in the text of the mission, beginning from when the shop underwear located in Algeria and in exactly the mandate of the Valley will, while acquired issued carrier and was impressed article made from them and design wonderful .. but after piloted her Tfajoh something hard inside the carrier , Ahzert scissors and stature to separate part of the stretcher to be surprised a small bag inside marvel of it, and went to a doctor in order to reveal the content of the bag and after statements show that the bag contains a substance causes cancer …. There is no power to God Almighty I hope that this information is up to the largest number of people, because it honestly may help to save the lives of many, “the keeper of God Almighty.”

As you can see from the photo, the label on the bra reads “Zhou underwear.” And everyone with even a cursory knowledge of Chinese knows Zhou means “Jew.”

In fact, that was probably our downfall. Whoever thought it a good idea to label the bra in that way made a total boob of himself.

And in case you are wondering why I am posting this, I know you, my dear readers, like to keep abreast of these developments.

Apology accepted, Elder.

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WATCH: Fabulous British Colonel Debunks “Disproportionate Response” Myth Thu, 02 Apr 2015 09:13:49 +0000 It’s been a while since I posted about the fabulous British Colonel aka Richard Kemp.

Here he is making sense, as usual.

Disproportionately fabulous!

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Was I Right To Criticize Trevor Noah? Wed, 01 Apr 2015 05:55:13 +0000 Trevor-NoahYesterday, I received a bit of flack from some people for my post on new Daily Show host Trevor Noah, in which I called him out for his ostensibly anti-Israel views, as well as pointing out some of his “anti-Jewish” tweets.

The main arguments were along the lines of:

“Were the jokes in poor taste? Sure, but he is an equal opportunity offender and they do not make him anti-Israel or antisemitic.”

“You are being such a paranoid Jew! He should not be judged on one tweet and photo.”

“Piling on him like that does not help, and hating on him may lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy and cause him to hate Israel and Jews. Reach out to him instead.”

As usual, I am open to the opinions of others especially when put forward in a respectful way.

Regarding the first argument, you will note my opinion of him not being a fan of Israel (to say the least) was predicated not just by a “joke” tweet in which he basically characterized us as war-mongers, but by an Instagram photo and caption not meant as a joke.

Anti Israeli protest outside the White House. Gaza flags everywhere.

A photo posted by Trevor Noah (@trevornoah) on

In case you opine he merely posted what he saw without expressing any views on the matter, I posit this, along with the tweet, create the presumption he is anti-Israel. Furthermore, many of the comments to the photo thank him for his support of “Palestine”, and he certainly doesn’t respond to clarify he was not taking a position.

I personally did not dwell on the “Jewish” tweets, but they are certainly troubling – even if meant purely as jokes – and certainly more so given his ostensible opposition to Israel.

Regarding argument two, am I a “paranoid Jew”? I do not think so. I am not one to cry antisemite at the drop of a hat. If it quacks like a duck, I prefer to see it as a duck, rather than be an emu myself, with my head in the sand. Especially when the duck has a large following of others, ready to cross the road with him.

As for the last argument, that is a legitimate tactic. My personal approach was to quickly call him out on the anti-Israel things, more for the benefit of those who may otherwise hang off his every word, and perhaps get him to understand the impact of his words. If others want to reach out to him, go for it. If someone is fickle enough to “become anti-Jewish or anti-Israel” because of criticism, so be it.

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Reader Post: If the Real World Was Girl World Tue, 31 Mar 2015 20:10:08 +0000 Alexandra Markus is a freelance writer who lives in New York City and works as a producer for AskAbigail Productions. While attending McGill University, she was a student reporter intern at the Israel on Campus Coalition. She is passionate about debunking anti-Israel falsehoods wherever she may find them. She also remains active in other progressive causes.

meangirlsThe world is a high school cafeteria.

You have the US as the Queen Bee at the popular table. She’s always flaunting her rich daddy’s wealth and power, and everyone either secretly hates her or is secretly taking advantage of her. Seated at her table are the EU countries and some OECD countries such as South Korea and Japan, with Canada as her second in command. Canada admires USA but USA thinks she’s a wannabe. Mexico, also a wannabe, is desperate to be USA’s friend, but has a drug problem, so USA keeps politely brushing her off. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are good friends and floaters who hang out with everyone whenever they feel like it and tell them what they want to hear. They are frenemies with the US’s table because although they are jealous of America’s power, they are social climbers and don’t want that power used against them.

African countries, and to a lesser extent, South American countries and India, form the Special Ed table because some members of the Popular Table (who shall not be named) beat them down with a baseball bat in hopes that the Popular Table can more easily take advantage of them. Eventually, the Popular Table realized this was a bad idea but it was too late – they already had brain damage but are in the process of healing. They’re getting a lot of Special Ed from aides provided by the school, and in many ways are moving forward, but sometimes their brain damage means they don’t use the aid they get wisely. Some are involved in drugs to numb the pain of what happened, so other countries both pity and fear them.

China is the leader of a repressive clique where people feel afraid to express themselves. She is friends with Russia, and both suck up to each other for strategic reasons. Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong, and Ukraine are forced to stay in that clique because they’re made to feel like they’ll have no friends if they don’t. This clique used to be enemies with the US, but now relations have cooled down a bit (but there is a rumor that Russia is secretly talking trash about USA behind her back). Although they’ve asked Mongolia to start having lunch with them, Mongolia is an artistic loner and doesn’t particularly care about making friends, but she doesn’t have enemies either.

North Korea and Cuba also sit at China’s table. North Korea got a bit weird with the whole emo thing so China wants to distance herself from her publicly, but privately they’re good friends who IM all hours of the night. North Korea cuts herself and has a visceral hatred and anger at everyone, especially the Popular Kids, whom she blames for her loss of social standing when she decided to join China’s clique while her twin, South Korea, was made a member of the popular clique. They might be twins, but North and South Korea are like night and day. North Korea always talks about destroying USA and her clique and stealing her popularity, but nobody takes her seriously because her emo attitude is paralyzing her from coming up with a sophisticated plan. Everyone laughs at North Korea behind her back and wishes she were more like her twin sister. Even China does sometimes.

There are two emerging cliques composed of OIC (Organization for Islamic Cooperation) countries that believe they’re better than the current popular clique because they’re so much more moral and closer to God than those “sluts.” Saudi Arabia and Qatar head the Sunni OIC clique, but suck up to the rest of the world so they seem harmless. They have many admirers, notably South America who sucks up to them, even though they think South America is a loser. Their main goal is to take over the school because they genuinely feel they deserve it. They don’t only have the Popular Table standing in their way: they also have the Shia OIC clique, headed by Iran, with some proxy countries such as Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon. Their clique isn’t large, but it is powerful. The Shia OIC and Sunni OIC cliques are sworn enemies and don’t agree with each other’s morality and are often too busy duking it out to bother trying to take over The Popular Table as they have planned.

The EU countries, and, increasingly, USA, are hippies who know what the OIC cliques want to do, but they hope that if they’re nice to them, they will stop trying to take over the school and instead all join together as one big happy family. To appease them, they let the OIC girls borrow their clothes from time to time. The OIC girls just laugh about the Popular Kids behind closed doors and never give them back. USA, despite warnings from Canada, has drunk the hippie kool-aid and sometimes comes over to Iran’s house in hopes that they can work out a deal that would stall Iran from dethroning the Popular Kids. Not surprisingly, the second USA’s mom picks her up from Iran’s house, the rest of the Shia OIC clique poke out from inside Iran’s closet and make fun of USA and her friends.

“Yeah, right, like we’ll stop what we’re doing because the Queen Bee tells us to!” Iran says.

“I know, right? She’s so self-absorbed if she thinks she’s so cool that everyone actually gives a crap about anything she says, let alone listens to her demands!” adds Lebanon.

“I wonder if we could pay other countries to sabotage the popular kids. I bet Russia’s clique and the Special Ed kids would be game. The Special Ed kids would do anything for a buck!” suggested Iran.

“Divide and Conquer!” quipped Lebanon.

“Love it!” exclaimed Iran.

From her room, a few blocks away, Israel turns off the miniature recording device she secretly implanted into Iran’s left shoulder when she wasn’t paying attention, back when they were still best friends and Israel suspected things were about to go sour. I have to let everyone know what’s going on! Especially USA! Israel thought, alarmed.

Israel is the science and tech nerd who is always inventing things and gets the best grades, but is small in stature and doesn’t have very good social skills. There are rumors that she might have Asperger’s, because she isn’t very good at picking up social cues from other countries. The Popular Kids, who have taken pity on her since she almost died in a fight against the Sunni OIC that lasted six days, sometimes protect her from bullies. Even still, some of them make fun of her behind her back, and use her because they know she would do anything for them.  Her mother, the Jewish Diaspora, is constantly telling her to keep quiet and ignore bullies so that they get bored and go away. However, the more she ignores them, the more the bullies try to up the ante to push her buttons. Sometimes she decides to fight back, and goes ballistic scaring the bullies for a little while. Sometimes, Principal UN suspends her when she tries to fight back against the bullies, because the bullies are very good at pretending to be victims and getting the Principal on their side, arguing that Israel used disproportionate force. The bullies from both the Sunni OIC and the Shia OIC have managed to convince most of the Special Ed table to support them, and even have Russia’s tacit support and China’s indifference, so whenever the principal asks who was at fault, the “bystanders” often blame Israel. The Popular Kids, especially the EU countries, are aware of the OIC cliques’ growing power. As a result, members of the popular table are beginning to fear the repercussions of standing up for Israel and have been more relaxed in their defense, hoping to appease the OIC. These new developments are worrying Israel, now trained in martial arts but fearful of how her reputation would be affected if she used too many of those skills to fight back.

The moral of the story is this: life is like high school: if you keep ignoring the bullies they’re only going to try harder. If you punch them in the face, they won’t touch you again for a while because they’ll be afraid of you. You might get suspended, but at least you stood up for yourself. Sometimes that even makes the bullies respect you more, for your might, and for your refusal to take crap from anyone.

Israel would be better off if she followed her own inner compass and stopped listening to her mother’s advice. Although her mother is only out for her best interests and doesn’t want her to get hurt, the advice to ignore bullies never packs quite a punch as a nice big knuckle sandwich. Israel is strong, brave, smart, and beautiful and should never let the haters win. She knows that friendships are fickle, that she’s alone in the world and ultimately must learn to fend for herself.

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New Daily Show Host Hates Israel More Than Jon Stewart Tue, 31 Mar 2015 06:05:17 +0000 Trevor-NoahAs you likely already know, Jon Stewart is stepping down from The Daily Show hosting duties, and a new replacement has been named: A South African born comedian called Trevor Noah.

My first reaction to the news: “Who is he?” (apparently, he is quite well known)

My second reaction: “I wonder if he’s Jewish, because from his surname, it sounds like he could be” (he’s part-Jewish, but from his mother’s side)

My third reaction: “I wonder if he’ll be as anti-Israel as his predecessor.”

The answer to that is “Actually, he seems to be worse

Anti Israeli protest outside the White House. Gaza flags everywhere.

A photo posted by Trevor Noah (@trevornoah) on

Jon Stewart looks like a Zionist in comparison to this guy.

Update: Buzzfeed have some other tweets from Noah. Let’s just say they are not complimentary of Jews.

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Photo of the Day: Gazelle Park Mon, 30 Mar 2015 19:56:49 +0000 The new nature preserve, called Gazelle Park, opened on Monday, March 30, in Jerusalem, Israel. Live gazelles were not roaming the park, but thousands of people were there for the opening events.

Gazelle Park Jerusalem, Israel

Irony of the day in the Holy Land – that is the Olmert HolyLand towering above in the background.

All these new green dunams of land will support birds and wildlife.

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Richard Gere In The Holy Land Mon, 30 Mar 2015 18:34:18 +0000 Hollywood actor Richard Gere has arrived in Israel as a guest of the Peres Center for Peace, as well as to film scenes in Jerusalem for the upcoming movie Oppenheimer (information I ferreted out in October).

richard gere israelFilm legend Richard Gere is set to cause a ruckus around the Holy Land, including in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, as the star arrived Monday for his first visit since 2009.

Despite the early hour — he landed at Ben-Gurion airport at 5:30 a.m. — Gere managed to cause a commotion among the lined-up hotel staff at Jerusalem’s Leonardo Plaza hotel, where he will stay in the glamorous 22nd-floor presidential suite that has also hosted the likes of Natalie Portman and other famous names.

The Hollywood star made a number of interesting requests for his hotel room. He asked that the room include a variety of Green teas, as well as fresh-potted lemon balm, sage and mint. Gere also requested that his room contain a mix of dried fruits and raw nuts, especially pecans, and a selection of fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

No mention of masking tape.

Also no mention of whether or not he is going to catch up with his old friend Hanan Ashrawi, definitely not a Pretty Woman in any sense of the word.

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Watch: Past Israel In Color Sun, 29 Mar 2015 17:42:29 +0000 I have just come across some fascinating mini documentaries about Israel, from British Pathe.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

Note: The following was filmed only days before the Six Day War.

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Where Are We Now? Sun, 29 Mar 2015 15:55:21 +0000 It has been awhile since posting- Where Are We Now? photos.

However, one scene today seemed perfect,

so we are asking –

Arab girls sitting at Knesset ceremony

Where are We Now?

Ok, the Israeli flags are a big hint.

Arab girls on Knesset chairs at Green Knesset opening ceremony

But the chairs give it away.

The Israeli Knesset today hosted a “Green Knesset” opening ceremony up on the building’s roof near the new solar panel fields.

Invited guests were seated on chairs with special white Knesset covers stamped in gold. Included in the select audience was a group of Arab students.

unlocked door Muslim prayer room Knesset

Maybe that is why the door of the Muslim prayer room was open today?

Once again a huge Israel #ApartheidFail and #BDSFail.

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