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Friday, December 9, 2016
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Tag: jerusalem

Jerusalem’s Greek Orthodox Church Sacks Pro-Terrorist Palestinian Archbishop Attalla Hanna

Good riddance. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Netanyahu Agrees With Me: The Call To Prayer is Welcome, Just Not at 4AM

PM Netanyahu said he supports a bill to bar mosques from using loudspeaker systems for the Muslim call to prayer

WATCH: Israel Ambassador’s Epic Reaction to UNESCO Fiasco

With some NSFW enhancement inserted by yours truly

UNESCO Ratifies Disgraceful Jerusalem Resolution After All

It seems the reports of the UNESCO resolution's death were greatly exaggerated

Report: UNESCO Temple Mount Draft Resolution Set To Be Cancelled

A positive development but..

Here’s A Bit Of Culture For UNESCO

Where I throw a bit of culture back in their faces

The Iconic Photo That Speaks Volumes

Notice anything interesting?

UNESCO Director-General Speaks Out Against Vote, But Gets Something Big Wrong

While I welcome Irina Bokova's words, she gets something horribly wrong

Know Your History: The Reunification of Jerusalem and The Jewish Connection

Once upon a time, the Jewish connection to the Old City of Jerusalem and holy sites was not in doubt

Jewish Outrage (Or The Lack Thereof)

I'm so outraged I'm going to tweet about it.

UNESCO’s List of “Deplorables” (Updated)

The latest insanity at UNESCO
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