Thursday, May 26, 2016
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Love Jerusalem from video in Light Festivalvideo

WATCH: Amazing Light Festival In Jerusalem

Some amazing sights to behold
Israel Museum with Arab women and girls in lobby

Scenes From The Israel Museum

What a museum should be

Bonfire Of The Damned

Who said this isn't a religious war?

When Prayer “Causes” A Riot

Had this been Jews rioting because they saw Muslims praying the media would be up in arms

Dear King Abdullah

Paula reacts to the absurd situation on the Temple Mount

WATCH: Prince’s Advice To His Friend Van Jones

What did Prince tell his friend Van Jones after he left his job at the White House?

Jews Are Denied Their Most Basic Rights On The Temple Mount

The denial of the most basic rights to Jews now can only mean trouble in the future

Fear The Walking Jews

The world might not be coming to an end, but you'd never know it from reading the Arab press.
Kosel, Western Wall image on Passover.

Reader Post: The Delegitimization Of Israel

Reader Yosef discusses the recent UNESCO discussion to ignore the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount

UNESCO And The Magical World Of Make-Believe

In the wonderful world of fantasy, UNESCO is proving to be a major contributor.

A Secret Wedding

On Judaism's holiest site it is Jews who are the ones being discriminated against.
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