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Thursday, August 25, 2016
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So, I Hear My Israeliness Bothers You

We are here, in our land of Israel, and we’re not going anywhere.

Our Noiselessness is Killing Us

The time to find our collective voice is way past overdue.

Scenes From The Temple Mount

Nothing to see here, move along and do not come back (you are banned)

Temple Mount Worship Or Desecration?

From the Department of Double Standards

Know Your History: The Occupation Of Jerusalem (NY Times Dec 20, 1917)

A striking sentence from the New York Times in 1917

Photo Of The Day: You Can’t Hide The Truth Edition

A photo that captures life in Israel - contrary to what the haters want you to believe
Israeli flags boys dancing on King George Street on Yom Yerushalayim before Jerusalem Day FlagParade

6 Photos of Jerusalem Day You Did Not See

Scenes you will not see elsewhere
Love Jerusalem from video in Light Festivalvideo

WATCH: Amazing Light Festival In Jerusalem

Some amazing sights to behold
Israel Museum with Arab women and girls in lobby

Scenes From The Israel Museum

What a museum should be

Bonfire Of The Damned

Who said this isn't a religious war?

When Prayer “Causes” A Riot

Had this been Jews rioting because they saw Muslims praying the media would be up in arms
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