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Czech Mates: Czech Parliament Recognizes Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital, Condemns UNESCO Resolution

Some positive news to come out of Europe for a change. The Czech Parliament approved on Wednesday the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of...

WATCH: Jerusalem – Before And After Liberation

Fascinating contrast

Know Your History: Jerusalem, Right After The Six Day War (NY Times July 30,...

Another eye-opening article from the NY Times of old

WATCH: World Premiere of Music Video “The Mount And I”

Orit's latest in time for Trump's visit

WATCH: Jerusalem 50 Celebrations: Light & Sound Show

So this happened last night

WATCH: “There Has Never Been A Love Story Like It In All Of History”

Rabbi Sacks speaks of the Jews' connection to Jerusalem in the articulate way only he knows how

WATCH: Nikki Haley: “I Believe The Capital [Of Israel] Should Be Jerusalem & The...

Nikki Haley has weighed in on what she thinks should happen with the US embassy move to Jerusalem.
Men pray at Western Wall before Rosh Hashannah

New York Times: Western Wall Became A Holy Site To Jews Only After 1967

Historical revisionism by the New York Times

An Open Letter to Jordan

Jordanian official says neutralizing terrorist is a heinous crime? Time for Israel to close the borders with Jordan

UNESCO Opposes Those Who “Destroy Heritage Because They Fear its Power to Unite”

I guess only when the remains of the "Arab Kingdom" are at risk, will UNESCO speak out.

Know Your History: Past UNESCO Shenanigans

In light of today's UNESCO resoluton, a look back at past UNESCO shenanigans

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