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Friday, July 21, 2017
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Hamas Screws Up Again

They have now issued a press release that contradicts everything they have said until now

What Can London Learn From How Jerusalem Fights The Third Modern Jihad Uprising

We tolerate this in Jerusalem and Israel because they is so precious to us: how much do you love your country and your cities?
Jewish Agency event at Sultan;'s Pool with Natan Sharansky talking about 1967video

WATCH: Next Year in Jerusalem

Jewish Agency head Natan Sharansky at tonight's mega event celebrating 50 years of reunification of Jerusalem

What We Learn From The Palestinian Reactions To Latest Jerusalem Terror Attack

I want to turn your attention to on another aspect of this story: The reactions of the terrorist organizations

Reuters Again Uproots The Truth

More lies and half-truths from Reuters

Donald and Reinhold and Jerusalem

Sometimes looking at sum total of the news is even more interesting and telling than the single components

Czech Mates: Czech Parliament Recognizes Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital, Condemns UNESCO Resolution

Some positive news to come out of Europe for a change. The Czech Parliament approved on Wednesday the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of...

WATCH: Jerusalem – Before And After Liberation

Fascinating contrast

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