Israellycool » Jew hatred Down Under Punditry in the Middle East Wed, 08 Apr 2015 18:06:18 +0000 en-US hourly 1 BBC Bowen Is Playing The Jew Hatred Card Wed, 04 Mar 2015 14:14:10 +0000 Dave posted a solid round up of reactions to Netanyahu’s speech yesterday focusing on US politicians. But of course, we have to note that the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen also had his say. Taking one look at Elie Wiesel, who upon hearing Netanyahu would be speaking immediately took out a full page ad declaring he would be there, Bowen tweeted the following:

And here is exactly what Netanyahu said about the Holocaust:

But Iran’s regime is not merely a Jewish problem, any more than the Nazi regime was merely a Jewish problem. The 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis were but a fraction of the 60 million people killed in World War II. So, too, Iran’s regime poses a grave threat, not only to Israel, but also the peace of the entire world. To understand just how dangerous Iran would be with nuclear weapons, we must fully understand the nature of the regime.

Netanyahu was stressing the universality of carnage in the whole of WWII, not just the Holocaust! He could have said 11 million (the approximate numbers of those killed directly by the Nazis) but he went even bigger stressing all those who died including combatants on all sides.

And of course this was popular amongst a loyal band of his followers:

But of course, where there is darkness, let us bring light:

And our own Jono fired back a couple of zingers:


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Reader Post: When Asked To Explain Antisemitism Mon, 02 Mar 2015 06:20:28 +0000 Antisemitism is an “easy” expression of general xenophobia, apparently inherent in the human psyche.

It is easy because it focuses on an easy target – a small minority – with easily misrepresentable differences – who far prefer debates to violence – with a history of being systematically demonised by institutions like the Roman Catholic church (so all your source materials for hateful libels are just a click away) – who are used to being strangers in a strange land, and mostly trying to just blend into the background to quietly survive in peace.

It is general because given enough pressure/”reason”/ self-justification and lack of enough maintenance of general order, given a large enough human population, one group will gang up on others. History is almost entirely composed of examples of conflict between groups of humans where the price far outweighs the prize (other than self-defence and survival).

Humans are all distrustful of the unknown to some degree. It is simply a survival trait. There are also large doses of natural selfishness/self-interest, as well as general laziness to get more for less effort.

These are all natural and born from the need to survive yourself before you can help anyone else, including having to defend yourself/family/group/tribe/clan from other humans, and to accomplish more in one day hunting and gathering, and would have even helped lead to wide-spread agriculture and animal husbandry.

Humans gang up on others who are different – these days most often through bad leadership – because most are too lazy to lead – and most seem too lazy to build for themselves (for various reasons).

The general laziness makes it easy for most people to be led. Its just the path of least resistance, just as it is to blame others for your own situation and perceptions of powerlessness. i.e. “Ancient Aliens” the television program gets high enough ratings to chase actual history off the so-called “history channel”, yet the logical errors in the arguments are so glaringly obvious (there is no proof there were not aliens at the last supper) that you have to wonder about those ratings. It can only be amusing for so long. This is why “the mob” is dangerous, and one large inherent weakness in democracy, still the best governance structure we’ve come up with so far, but also still the model that killed Socrates – a very instructional story. It’s also the reason you need a Pearl Harbor type event to force enough people to see those who want to kill them just for being different – out of sight, out of mind.

A bad leader is one who blames others and/or the past for his or her own failures and lack of vision. They are easy to spot once you know this definition. A good leader is not necessarily a clever, wise, or successful leader – those are different definitions – but a good leader inspires and provides a vision for the group.

It is also easier to be a bad leader than a good leader; if your true goal is self-enrichment (self-interest) then the path doesn’t matter and its simply easier to raise hateful motivation rather than inspiration.

For every successful leader, there are many who failed, so even the successful bad leaders have some smarts, and use them to lead people with words that sound good but have little substance, i.e. Neville Chamberlain, Barak Obama, Robert Mugabe, David Koresh, TB Joshua (it’s a long list). Some of these leaders run out of ideas and resort to violence to maintain order, as just happened in South Africa 15 days ago, when it slid into dictatorship – by its own constitutional definition (the ruling party used police inside parliament to evict other parliamentarians). Many exploit cultural or religious norms, beliefs and fears, coupled with the elements of human nature, to create powerful self-promoting narratives.

The last independent Jewish state existed thousands of years ago under very different social circumstances – where the dominant empire subjugated everybody who was different – they got away with it until a stronger army killed, looted and destroyed them – or they slowly decayed through the general laziness that lack of competition brings, to the point where other armies were stronger than them. It was not xenophobia then – it was pragmatism. If everyone fears others for being different, you believing differently will not change the global reality. Indeed, at that time, if you did not have powerful reasons to maintain the integrity of your group (survival), it would simply disappear in time.

Humans only fixed permanent borders (nominally) with the League of Nations in the last 200 years, and even then with a large amount of expediency, which still haunts many locations around the world. The concepts of human rights and respect (BOTH WAYS) for each other are not exactly universally established, and never have been. Calling them “universal” is simply an expression of aspiration. Hundreds of indigenous groups do not govern themselves on land they inhabited for thousands of years – they are still dispossessed and treated as less than others – often the same others who are going doe-eyed over human rights concepts (in name only). That is reality – but we like to think “how could that happen in 2015?!!!”. Actually… why do you expect this year to be different from all those other tens of thousands of years?

Given the above on human nature and leadership, current regrettable events are not really surprising to those who pay attention to how things really are, as opposed to those who believe things happen everywhere as they wish they would.

Finally, to counter the all-too-familiar refrain of blaming Jews for antisemitism… would you also blame the raped for wearing a miniskirt? Is it the bullied’s fault for the bully’s actions? Is it Jews’ fault when idiots suffer from tall-poppy syndrome or fear-of-difference due to their own insecurity?

When I see poor South Africans attacking poor refugee Somalis simply because their own government keeps blaming others for their own incompetence (including border control, ironically), and then try to justify their behaviour (we burned him to death because he was taking our jobs), you see another example of exactly the same thing. One must always remember that any person claiming offensive violence as their only option is a pathetic incompetent who is dangerous to ignore.

I am certainly NOT arguing that we should accept xenophobia nor antisemitism. We MUST strive to better ourselves and raise our standards as a species. Standing still is the same as dying, after all.

What I am attempting to convey is that we should not be surprised by it – all this fear and hatred. Rather, we have no choice but to understand it in as much detail as possible, as that is the only way to even have a chance to properly deal with it.

David M.K. is a proud Jew and Zionist from South Africa. He is a systems analyst and designer, logician, and a part-time writer and composer, who was stirred into action by the vile 1930’s-style hatred which emerged during and since the last Gaza conflict. He believes that the truth shall set you free, and in the obligations to defend your people and be a light unto the world.

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Free Speech In Denmark Has Consequences Sun, 15 Feb 2015 07:31:58 +0000 Yesterday there were multiple non-random shootings in Denmark’s capital (Copenhagen) [Just making it clear for the leader of the free world].

First a gathering of people talking about freedom of speech was attacked with shots fired through the windows. One person died and three policemen were wounded. The famous cartoonist Lars Vilks was at that meeting and he, of course, once drew a picture of Mohammad that achieved notoriety when it was part of the famous “Danish Cartoons”. Lars Vilks is also the Secretary of State of Ladonia, a micro nation of which I am a citizen, perhaps this was an assassination attempt? Here’s a first person account from inside the cafe.

The second attack was on a “random” Synagogue. Reports are just coming in that the one fatality there was a “random” Jew. A Jew who died protecting other Jews because all over Europe, Jews must step up to watch over their communities because the feeling of Jew hatred is too much to ignore.

Meanwhile: here is some free speech from Germany just a few months ago. I doubt this chap is worried that he’ll be gunned down (at random). I’m a believer in free speech: I want to hear these people and believe we should be paying very close attention to what they say.

The issue we have is that this particular free speech will lead directly to (almost always) young, muslim men taking up arms against (what they see as) a sea of troubles and by opposing end the lives of Jews.

To speak or not to speak.

h/t to Tundra Tabloids for the link to the Spectator and lots more up to date postings there.

Update: as pointed out by a commenter the Danish Imam is speaking in Germany not Denmark. It’s indicative of speech across Europe and, thanks to the wonders of the Internet and the Schengen Agreement, both the speech and those who hear it can move freely.

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Jew Cars In Paris (Updated) Tue, 10 Feb 2015 12:28:47 +0000

Breaking: Person in custody after he sprayed over 26 cars with the word "Jew" in Saint-Cloud, western Paris, Today.

— News_Executive (@News_Executive) February 10, 2015

Breaking news on Twitter: Breaking: Person in custody after he sprayed over 26 cars with the word “Jew” in Saint-Cloud, western Paris, Today.

Update: from one of Facebook commenters we get this explanation of the note left on all the cars:

On the cars windows, the Police depatment left a Message to say that the people involved in this Atisemitic slander are in custody, and the owners of the vehicles are to report to the local Police station to file complaint.

Jew cars Paris News_Executive_2015-Feb-10 3

Source: News_Executive on Twitter

Jew cars Paris News_Executive_2015-Feb-10 2

Source: News_Executive on Twitter

Jew cars Paris News_Executive_2015-Feb-10 1

Source: News_Executive on Twitter

Jew cars Paris News_Executive_2015-Feb-10

Source: News_Executive on Twitter


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France: Testing The Boundaries Of Jew Hatred (Updated) Mon, 02 Feb 2015 17:47:25 +0000 This is the new scandal gripping France:

Une entreprise parisienne de création graphique a partagé une annonce, recherchant un candidat “si possible pas juif(ve)”. L’agence nous explique que le choix était volontaire, “pour des questions d’horaire de travail”. Elle a, depuis, retiré son annonce, et affirme avoir été “victime d’un hack”.


A Parisian graphic design company shared an ad, looking for a candidate “if possible not Jewish”. The agency explains that the choice was voluntary, “for reasons of work schedule.” The company has since withdrawn its announcement and said it was “the victim of a hack.”

I’m told some of the replies to that tweet are pretty horrific, but you have to read French. Though a fair few are taking up the cause of pointing out just how bigoted that want ad was.

Jew hatred in Europe is getting much harder to ignore. More at the link if you can read French or use Google translate.

Update 3rd Feb 2015: As expected this is getting a little more attention. It’s now been covered by the BBC.

An advert for a graphic design job in France has been withdrawn after it said the candidate should “if possible not be a Jew”.

Racial discrimination is illegal in France and anti-racism group SOS Racisme says it is taking legal action.

The ad was posted on Monday by Paris-based NSL Studio on jobs site

The BBC also report that an anti-racism organisation in France, SOS Racisme, is going to take legal action.

h/t peregrīnus

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Fake BBC Site And Article Warning (Updated) Wed, 28 Jan 2015 19:12:27 +0000 There is an absolutely shocking article being passed around at the moment. The article appears to be on the BBC website and dated 22nd January:

Are Jews and ‘Jewish Interests’ overrepresented in government?

BBC Religious Correspondent Caroline Wyatt investigates a question on the mind of a nation too afraid to ask it.

In rational, post-Enlightenment Europe, religion has long since been relegated to a safe space, with Judaism and Christianity the safe targets of satire in secular western societies.

Not so Islam. It is commonly held and agreed that the primary motive behind the Charlie Hebdo attack was to harm the cartoonists of the Paris based publication. 5 of the total number of victims killed were cartoonists. Only one cartoonist was listed as being Jewish.

The political spin given to the whole affair was one of ‘anti semitism’.

The shooting at the French Kosher Market was linked to the Charlie Hebdo atrocity solely on the grounds that the demands made by the hostage takers related to the perpetrators. And suddenly ‘Je Suis Juif’ placards materialise.

The problem is that it rests on a site called NEWS.BBC.UK.TO . The TO at the end stands for Tonga and so this site is utterly fake. Almost every link on the page does legitimately go back to the valid BBC.CO.UK site, but this one page has been created for nefarious means. I’m putting the URL here but I’m not linking to it. I took sensible precautions before visiting this page as I have no idea what malicious stuff may be running there.

The article itself peddles absolutely classic “over powerful Jews” controlling the world type stuff.

Fake BBC site+wm


It looks like this article might be an attempt to twist the following (legitimate) BBC story on its head by replacing Islam with Judaism. As a piece of satire it doesn’t work.

Paris attack highlights Europe’s struggle with Islamism

By Caroline Wyatt Religious affairs correspondent, BBC News

In the heart of Europe in 2015, the killing of cartoonists and journalists for allegedly insulting God still comes as a shock, despite the rising number of such attacks in recent years.

In rational, post-Enlightenment Europe, religion has long since been relegated to a safe space, with Judaism and Christianity the safe targets of satire in secular western societies.

Not so Islam. The battle within Islam itself between Sunni and Shia, so evident in the wars of the Middle East, and the fight between extremist interpretations of Islam such as those of Islamic State and Muslims who wish to practice their religion in peace, is now being played out on the streets of Europe with potentially devastating consequences for social cohesion.

It will be interesting to see where this crops up, if you see it being passed around, leave a comment and let us know and please link people to this post so they can understand what’s going on here. If you have any information about who set this up and what they were planning to achieve, we’d love to hear from you.

Update 29 Jan: The following article in the well respected site World Trademark Review has been brought to my attention and it’s well worth reading if you want more details on this.

A number of news reports appeared last week about a hoax BBC News article, hosted at ‘’, that went viral after claiming that video footage of the Charlie Hebdoattack in Paris was fake (screenshot here). For a time the article was modified to redirect to the Twitter account of Anonymous, the global hacker and activist network, but the hoax BBC site subsequently re-emerged this week, alongside another hoax site mimicking the Reuters UK website (at time of writing, a second fake BBC News site has just gone live at ‘’, illustrating the fast moving nature of these activities).

The first fake BBC News website (‘’) has been posting original content which mocks the BBCas well as content taken from other news sources (eg, this post is taken word-for-word from The Guardian). The bottom of the site has an altered BBC logo reading ‘Bread & Beer Circus’ and there is also an associated Twitter account (@BBCNews_couk) with the same name. The second fake BBC News site (‘’) was registered this week and more closely resembles the authentic site (comparison). Worryingly, it appears to be posting original (and controversial) content and falsely attributing actual BBC correspondents.

The fake Reuters UK website (‘’) was registered this week, and also contains content taken from other sites and fake news stories (this post merges misinformation about cannibals in Greece with word-for-word content from NY Times article). Furthermore, it uses elements from the legitimate Reuters UK website to closely mirror the original (comparison). These three hoax news websites appear to be linked due to a ‘Bread & Beer Circus’ account on content collating platform posting links from the websites within minutes of them going online.

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Brian Speaks To Josh Hasten On Voice Of Israel Thu, 15 Jan 2015 17:22:43 +0000 We spoke specifically about the Jew hatred exposed in the polls yesterday. But I tend to ramble on but you won’t want to miss my summing up of the problem in the UK and Europe for Jews: and who has to solve it. Link to the show here and embed below! And huge thanks to Jsoh for his kind words after I left the studio.

Top Israellycool Blogger ‘Brian of London’ discusses various types of ‘Jew hatred’ which exist today in London. He tells VOI’s Josh Hasten that while Neo-Nazis led the anti-Semitic waves of the past, recent studies now indicate that half of UK Jews see no future for them in England due to ‘Islamic Jew-hatred.’ Brian expresses solace in the fact that he and his family escaped that environment six years ago and emigrated to cast their fates with the Jews in Israel. Plus, Documentary filmmaker LeeAnn Dance joins VOI’s Josh Hasten from Washington, DC, where she is putting the finishing touches on her film ‘Feiga’s Choice,’ detailing an emotional story of survival during the Russian Pogroms in the early 1900’s.

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Rich Assimilationist British Jewry Fights To Put Its Head Back In The Sand Thu, 15 Jan 2015 08:21:59 +0000 Yesterday I posted about the results of two separate surveys conducted in Britain: both commissioned separately by the relatively new group The Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA). One survey was a professionally run YouGov survey directed at 3,411 non-Jewish, British adults (a very large sample for this kind of survey by the way). The other was an attempt to survey British Jews directly (and this is much harder because there just aren’t reliable polling samples that can do this). This meant that the CAA themselves polled 2,230 British Jewish people, equivalent to almost 1% of the Jewish population of Great Britain. That is a very large sample to poll, however, but it’s true to say the methodology is not as solid as YouGov’s work.

Looking at the CAA, lets put aside the fact I hate the term antisemitism (even though it is better than the hyphenated version which they’re not using). They were formed over the summer because the long established representatives of British Jewry were not doing enough (in their opinion) to combat the growing hate against Jews. They saw this rise up during the fighting in Gaza over the summer.

So these people are not well liked by the Board of Deputies of British Jews. As expected, the official organ of British Jewry, the Jewish Chronicle, has a very snide and dismissive article about the surveys and they’ve conducted their own survey of British Jews. Again, methodology to survey British Jews is flaky and if you throw in the question bias, you can really slant things.

JC poll reveals 88 per cent of British Jews have not considered leaving UK

The vast majority of Britain’s Jews have no intention of packing their bags despite rising concern about safety after the Paris attacks, according to an authoritative new poll for the JC.

Almost nine out of 10 – 88 per cent – say that they have not considered quitting the UK since last week’s atrocities, compared to just 11 per cent who have thought of leaving.

Among 18-34 year olds, however, the percentage of those who say they have considered leaving jumps to over 17 per cent.

But here is the exact question and the results from the JC poll:

Have last week’s events in Paris made you consider leaving Britain?

Yes I have considered leaving 11%
No I have not considered leaving 88%
Don’t know 1%

Notice how they throw in a qualifier “last week’s events in Paris” to narrow down the answers? Well the corresponding data (but remember, very different samples, completely different questions) from the CAA poll:

“In the past two years I have considered leaving Britain due to antisemitism”

25% agree (9% strongly agree)
63% disagree
31% of Jewish people in the North of England agree

So we’re talking about a difference between “last week’s events in Paris” and thinking back over 2 years. You get the point.

And then, right at the end of the Jewish Chronicle piece they have this gem:

In the largest survey of European Jewry on antisemitism – carried out by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research for the European Union and published last year – 18 per cent of British Jews said they had thought of leaving over the previous five years because of safety concerns (a further one per cent said they had emigrated but returned).

So we’re all arguing over degrees. Somewhere between 15% and 30% of British Jews are seriously thinking of leaving the UK.

Which is why the Jewish Chronicle tries its best to discredit the CAA:

But the reliability of the CAA data has been questioned. Social scientist Dr Keith Kahn-Harris said that it was “methodologically invalid. There can be no confidence in its representativeness”.

And the Jewish Chronicle also largely ignores the much more interesting part of the CAA work (and the part with the more reliable methodology) of the attitudes of non-Jews toward Jews. They gave it only one paragraph and two stats:

In a separate poll conducted by YouGov for the CAA, 45 per cent of British people believed at least of one six negative statements about Jews presented to them. One in five of the 3,400 who were questioned thought that loyalty to Israel made Jews less loyal to Britain than other Britons.

One note here, I asked the CAA specifically about whether they could report the attitudes of British Muslims and they can’t: they told me that conducting a survey of the whole UK population that had a large enough Muslim sample to be representative is very difficult. I do accept that but it’s a major hole in the data.

I’m booked to appear on Josh Hasten’s show on Voice of Israel at 3pm today (that’s 8am on the US East Coast). Tune in live if you can: I’m sure I’ll post the file tomorrow.

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UK Media Will Be Shouting About The Problem They Helped Create Wed, 14 Jan 2015 08:16:48 +0000 Campaign Against Antisemitism CAA screenToday the Independent, the Guardian, the BBC and all the rest of the UK media will be analysing a dramatic new report on the British public’s attitudes towards British Jews. All the coverage is based on work by a relatively new group, The Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) that was set up largely out of frustration with the abysmal, head in the sand attitude of the “official” Jewish representatives like the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

Here are the headlines from their report and I’m suggesting you read their report rather than reports about their report! Their website is here and the direct link to the PDF report is here. Also go and check out their Facebook page.

A nationally-representative sample of 3,411 British adults were polled by YouGov, twice the number statistically required.

Shockingly almost half (45%) of British adults believe at least one of the antisemitic statements shown to them to be true, 1 in 4 people (26%) believe at least two statements to be true and 17% believe at least three statements.

1 in 4 people (25%) believe that “Jews chase money more than other British people”.

1 in 5 (20%) believe “Jews’ loyalty to Israel makes them less loyal to Britain than other British people.”

13% believe that “Jews talk about the Holocaust too much in order to get sympathy.”

Of those polled, 51% of men believe at least one antisemitic statement to be true, versus 39% of women.

There’s going to be much written and said today about this but my headline thought is it is the UK’s overwhelmingly negative and Palestinianized attitudes, coupled with their unbelievable desire to be subservient dhimmis and appease their seething Muslim populations that have sent the UK down this road.

It’s a road I fully anticipated when I took my family out of that place. Nothing which has happened since amongst the elites and the media has given me any cause for hope. The only thing which can save the UK is if the people themselves get educated outside of the mainstream lies about Israel and the Jews. Because any population that believes the BBC is honest and truthful is doomed to the fate of hating Jews.

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Anti-Zionism Is Jew Hatred: The Turkey Reason Sat, 22 Nov 2014 16:04:24 +0000 Raising scottish flag yvonneridleyThis post stems from a twitter exchange I had with Yvonne Ridley. I say exchange, she hasn’t really answered my main points but we’ll get to that later. I want to make a specific point: why anti-Zionism which denies Jews the right to a state run for Jews, by Jews is Jew hatred (or antisemitism if you must use that term).

It’s quite clear that being an avowed “anti-Zionist” as Yvonne Ridley is, she doesn’t believe in Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state even one that gives adequate rights for other religions and cultural identities.

It all started when I tweeted out a link to a new MEMRI article about growing Jew hatred in Turkey. I highlighted one part, a Professor of Physics who is really hoping that Turkey builds concentration camps and starts putting its Jews on trains.

Yvonne, after having my tweet drawn to her attention by a third party, said “horrendous” and proceeded to say “Come live in Scotland”. She also denied reports which had come out during the run up to the independence referendum, that Scotland was experiencing a surge in Jew hatred.

So I asked her the following three questions:

  • Would Scotland welcome 23,000 Jewish immigrants tomorrow if Turkey persecuted them?
  • Would Scotland send its army to rescue and even die for them?
  • Or would Scotland let their blood flow in the streets and issue a condemnation?

One of the principal reasons for the existence of Israel today is to provide the safety net that we Jews lacked in the 1930’s. The answer to the first two questions, for Israel, is not just yes, but we have plans, planes and soldiers standing by to evacuate Turkey’s Jews tomorrow if need be. That’s just what we do.

People forget, but the primary role of The Mossad and the organisation it grew from is now and always was rescuing Jews. They are responsible for having a plan in place and the IDF will execute it.

Who flew to that mountain top to rescue the Yazidis? Which nation has sent its young men to fight and die with the Kurds as they try to hold onto their homes and lands? Are Scottish troops on the ground in Ukraine and should they be? Do you think the Jews of Turkey should rely on Obama launching air strikes against his friend in Ankara or sending in the Marines to rescue them and then granting them all citizenship? Oh, wait, yeah, he might just give them all citizenship, but the UK would certainly have a huge internal fight about granting citizenship to 23,000 Turkish Jews overnight.

And how could any nation (except Israel) grant citizenship to just the Jews of Turkey without having to explain why they won’t grant instant citizenship to everyone else in Turkey if they want to come? For Israel it’s easy: Judaism is our ethnicity, our culture and our religion. All three at once in varying degree for each individual. We are the ones, quite rightly, who decide who is Jewish just as the UK decides who is a British citizen and America decides who they should call a citizen.

Israel is the guarantor and protector of the Jewish people world wide. We in Israel feel a kinship with the worldwide diaspora of Jews (even the idiot ones who haven’t got a clue why Israel needs to exist).

Is there any way that Jews could rely on a State run by Mahmoud Abbas or any other Arab leaders that has ever existed to rescue them? Just think of what the Arabs have done to their own refugee brothers since 1948 (WSJ$), leaving them festering in refugee camps purely as leverage in their many failed attempts to destroy Israel.

Seventy years ago America, the UK and all the other nations stood by while six million Jews were slaughtered. Not only did they make immigration into their own countries difficult for Jews, perfidious Albion even closed Palestine to them.

Israel exists as a Jewish state and Zionism is the expression of this. It exists because never again is not a slogan for us Jews and we’re not going to put our faith and lives in the hands of the UN, the USA or even mighty Scotland to come save us ever again.

You can keep your strong UN condemnations, Israel will keep Jews alive.


If you want to see the twitter exchange, here it is.

That was picked up and retweeted by one of my followers who specifically sent it to Yvonne Ridley, the reverted to Islam journalist who we’ve discussed many times here at Israellycool. The last we heard from her she was declaring Scotland to be a “Zionist-free zone”.

She agreed that the growing Jew hatred in Turkey was “horrendous” and then went on to say “Come live in Scotland; only place in Europe were Jews have lived peacefully”.

It was then pointed out to her that there had been a particular rise in Jew hatred in Scotland reported in the run up to the independence referendum. She proceeded to deny that there is any problem in Scotland.

So I made the following three responses:

No response as yet to these points.




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