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The 5 Dumbest Things You’ll Read on the Internet (About Jews)

Ryan has a list of sorts for Christmas

WATCH: The Moment Jessica Biel Discovers Her Ancestors Were Jewish

"That sort of changes everything"

Photo And Caption Blooper Of The Day

This one has me scratching my head

When Twitter Users Start Messing With The Neo Nazis

Messing with the scum of the earth

Our Right To Israel Is Not Written In Our DNA

New contributor Sheri talks DNA

Of Skullcaps And Asshats

Ryan writes about his experience wearing a kippah so far

Israeli Arabs, Have No Fear!

I guess Hamas's rockets are more advanced than we thought!

Yahud: The Arabic Word For Jews

The Arabic word for "Jews" gives lie to the myth of Jewish occupation in Judea.

Religious Jews Dancing At Arab Wedding

Getting jiggy with them

When Paula Met Peres

Singer Paul Abdul is here in Israel as a guest of the Tourism Ministry

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