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Own Goal of the Day: JVP Shabbat Edition

You be the judge of how Jewish Jewish Voice for Palestinians - er, I mean “Peace” - actually is.

Jewish Voice for Peace Defends Lying Convicted Terrorist

JVP defends Israa Jaabis, the palestinian woman whose attempted terror attack went horribly wrong (for her)

Yet Another Event Featuring Haters Discussing and Minimizing Antisemitism

Another preposterous panel on antisemitism, this time at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Non-Jewish ADL Leader Shocked By JVP’s Antisemitism and Racism

Betsaida Alcantara writes of her experience with Israel-hating organization Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP)

Linda Sarsour One of Speakers at Antisemitism Event

Sorry Linda and company, but being antisemitic does not make you experts on antisemitism

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