Saturday, May 28, 2016
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Why I Feel Kinship With Jews

Another must read from Ryan

WATCH: Indigenous Brian Talks To London

As you’ll hear, it’s heavily influenced by Ryan Bellerose’s indigenous Jews arguments.

Why Israel?

Ryan tells it like it is


The very definition of justice

Uplifting Story Of Finding Lost Family

When you’re looking for something as important as lost family, never give up.

Take Action: Force UNESCO Into The Real World

Is it all possible that the largest single voting block in the UN has altered UNESCO policy?

What Would Happen If They Won?

When choosing sides, if one ignores the moral and ethical considerations and chooses solely based on self-interest, which side should one choose?

On the Intersection of Nationality and Ethnicity

Ultimately, it is imperative that we accept that historic Israel belongs to all of us
Israeli flags

Changing The Way We See Ourselves

The Holocaust is not the central event that defines the Jewish people so stop acting as if it were.


You can be the change we need, I believe that, or I would have stayed on the Rez in Paddle.

Why Are We Losing?

Ryan with more words Jews must heed

Mis-taken Identity

The result of granting legitimacy to the entire “Palestinian narrative” is the perpetuation of war.
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