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What The Finsbury Park Attack May Mean

Jews and Israelis have acted with unbelievable restraint for a century.

An Open Letter to Salman Ramadan Abedi

Manchester is in mourning and defiant

Arabs Force Us To Make The West Bank Ugly

Permanent and relentless Jihad against Jews living in our sovereign nation is disfiguring our beautiful home.

Why Are Jerusalem’s Israeli Arabs Different?

“Jerusalem Arabs are not convinced that the 1967 defeat is final.”

List Of Car, Stabbing And Mortar Attacks This Weekend In Israel

Here’s a list of all the attacks we’ve had in Israel just since Friday 16th September 2016. #RelentlessJihad

Skippy The Daesh Kangaroo


Like A Mass Shooting Of 80 In America

Downplaying attacks on us is just the world’s usual method to exaggerate the inflated ire when we defend ourselves.

WATCH: Another Chance To Ignore What The Terrorists Actually Say

Watch the Jihadi behind the #ParisAttacks in Syria and hear him explain himself.

An Abusive Relationship

What if there is literally no acceptable accommodation we can make with our enemies?

RAF Takes Out Jew Hating British Jihadi In Syria

Hitler “had been on the same side as the Muslims” because he understood that “the Jews were dangerous”

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