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“Thursday? That’s Simchat Torah!”

See you on the flip side

Happy Sukkot

Another day, another Jewish festival.

Yom Kippur

Tzom Kal and Gmar Chatima Tova to all our Jewish readers

Paula Abdul To Be Shomer Shabbos


Non-Jews Trying Out Jewish Food

I don't know about you, but I got hungry watching this video

Shana Tova

Jewish New Year greetings

Video of Day: City of David

City of David a new music video by two young Australians

Planting The Seeds Of Doubt And Peace

Getting to the root cause of terror means planting a seed of doubt regarding the religious outcome for those who kill in the name of Islam.

One Week As A Jew

Ryan reminisces on his week of wearing a kippah

Reader Post: How To Debate Anti-Zionists – From a Progressive/Left Wing Perspective

Reader Binyamin has some steps to help you become a better advocate for Israel

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