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Another Hate Conference Being Held This Week, Featuring Linda Sarsour

The Palestine Convention 2018 - the "largest gathering for Palestine in the US" - is to be held tomorrow until Saturday in Chicago

Linda Sarsour’s Outright Dishonest Defense Against Accusations of Antisemitism

Linda Sarsour's defense is full of lies, obfuscations and deflections
Chuck Schumer magic glasses

With My Magic Glasses, I Can’t See the Antisemites in My Party, by Chuck...

When I slip on these magic glasses, I can't see that the Democratic Party just elected a Congresswoman from Minnesota who said that "Evil Israel" hypnotized the world!

How Did Linda Sarsour React To…?

Let's play a quick game. We'll call it How Did Linda Sarsour React To...?

Women’s March’s Pathetic Statement on Antisemitism

Following heavy criticism over their tolerance of antisemitism, the Women's March finally came out with a statement denouncing antisemitism. Except it really didn't.

Actress Alyssa Milano Speaks Out Against Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory’s Tolerance of Antisemitism

Actress Alyssa Milano has disavowed Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory over their refusal to condemn the Jew hatred of Louis Farrakhan

Ben & Jerry’s Honors Linda Sarsour & the Women’s March

This leaves a sour taste in my mouth and presumably others who oppose hatred and antisemitism.

Mocking Nike? He Just Did It!

The Daily Freier is ready to show just how #Woke he is with the Wokiest set of Woke Memes this side of Wokeachusetts

Linda Sarsour: Humanizing Israelis is a Problem

Linda Sarsour, that faux feminist, faux woman of color, but very real Israel hater, was recently a speaker at the annual Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention in Houston, Texas.

WATCH: A Video Bound To Make Linda Sarsour & Tamika Mallory Feel Unwell

This video kept appearing in my Facebook feed until I could not ignore it any longer. And I am glad I didn't.

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