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American Jews: Do You Support Farrakhan Democrats?

Alan Dershowitz has recanted his support for the Democrat party of Obama, when will other American Jews?

Linda Sarsour’s Denial of Sexual Assault Enablement Allegations Backfires in Her Face

Thank you, Linda, for confirming you are a fraud

“Feminist” Linda Sarsour Accused of Enabling Sexual Assault

If true, this is damning of Sarsour. And certainly seems to show she cares very little about women's rights.

Linda Sarsour, Check Your History

This is priceless.

WATCH: Linda Sarsour Showing How NOT To Reject Antisemitism

Speaking about the "Jewish" media, and minimizing the antisemitism of Louis Farrakhan

Another of Linda Sarsour’s Old Tweets Comes Back to Haunt Her

The hypocrisy here is astounding
Linda Sarsour Israellycool Ayaan Hirsi Ali Daily Freier

Screenshotting My Old Tweets is Racist, by Linda Sarsour

A "guest post" by Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour One of Speakers at Antisemitism Event

Sorry Linda and company, but being antisemitic does not make you experts on antisemitism

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