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Friday, July 21, 2017
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Saudi Arabia Arrests Woman in Miniskirt, And It’s Somehow All About Israel

Doucheblogger Richard Silverstein never misses an opportunity to make everything about Israel

Linda Sarsour Speaks of ‘Right-Wing Zionist’ Media Conspiracy

Many (including me) will think this smacks of antisemitism

The Hypocrisy Of Linda Sarsour Knows No Bounds

Linda Sarsour has a question

Linda Sarsour’s Sick Response To Call To Come Out In Solidarity With Gay Pride...

Linda Sarsour reveals her true colors yet again

Courtney Love Cobain Rips Linda Sarsour For Being “Antisemite & Anti-American Fraud”

Singer and actress Courtney Love Cobain has gone after faux feminist Linda Sarsour in a big bad way

The Antisemitism Linda Sarsour Finds Hilarious

What passes for really funny in Linda Sarsour's eyes

WATCH: Linda Sarsour Attacks Student Who Questions Her Infamous Violent, Sexist Tweet

Sarsour continues to show she is no caring, human rights campaigner

WATCH: Comedy Central Promotes Linda Sarsour

There's nothing funny about this blatant promotion of a terror-supporting, snake in the grass.

Even Abe Foxman Thinks Linda Sarsour Is A Bigot

Abe gets it right on this, at least

WATCH: JVP Presents…Linda Sarsour Defining Antisemitism

One of the most insulting things I have seen in a long time

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