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Friday, April 28, 2017
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Fatah Official: Arab Spring Was Israeli Conspiracy To Deflect From Palestinian Issue

A "peace partner" blames the Joooooooooooos

Palestinians Still Can’t Keep Story Straight About Their Descent

Seriously, do they really think nobody is paying attention?

WATCH: Best Footage Of Mahmoud Abbas. Ever

Don't thank me, I'm a giver.

Abbas Wants Africa To Put Palestinian “Plight” Ahead Of Israeli Ties

Another shameless attempt by Palestinians to inject themselves into something for their own interests.

Holy See No Evil

Terrorism certainly pays

My Modification To Israel MFA’s A-Maze-Ing Graphic

I thought I'd implement a couple of minor modifications

Another Thinker Discovered In Israel

A new ancient discovery
mahmoud abbas

Mahmoud Abbas’ Double Message After Death Of Shimon Peres

PA President Mahmoud Abbas continues to deceive.

WATCH: Abbas Lies At The UN General Assembly

Abbas lies at the UN General Assembly

Mahmoud Abbas Speaks With Forked Tongue About Knife (And Other) Attacks

PA President Mahmoud Abbas has blamed the wave of terror attacks against Israelis on a lack of hope, rather than incitement.

BREAKING NEWS: Soviet Documents Reveal Mahmoud Abbas Was a KGB Agent

Explosive revelations tonight on Israeli news

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