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Sunday, June 26, 2016
Tags Mahmoud Abbas

Tag: Mahmoud Abbas


WATCH: The Mahmoud Abbas EU Water Libel Lies

Video version of the Mahmoud Abbas self created water libel lie at the EU.

Abbas’ Dishonest Retraction Of ‘Poison Water’ Blood Libel

Where even the retraction is dishonest

Have You Heard The Good News??

"Moderate" Mahmoud has some good news

Humungus Fail Of The Day: Abbas’ Zionist Gift To Saudi King

Mahmoud Abbas clearly does not know his history
hasmonean estate

Guest Post (Dickie Sliverstein): Archaeological Proof Of Palestinian Presence 6,000 Years Ago

Dickie feels the need to respond to an Israeli archaeological discovery

The Signs Of Palestinian Desperation

If the truth doesn't support you, it's far easier to just make up lies instead.

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Claims Star Of David As Islamic Symbol

Here's the shocking part: Some of this is actually true

Palestinian Authority Revokes 50 NGO Licenses

Those who claim to be so concerned about Palestinian human rights just snore when those rights are potentially being violated by the PA

Using Gandhi To Sanctify Hamas

Amid growing Israel-India ties, BDS activists seek to set foot in the Hindu-majority country
Mahmoud Abbas

All Palestinians Are Against Terrorism

But that word does not mean what they think it means
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