Friday, May 27, 2016
Tags Mahmoud Abbas

Tag: Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Claims Star Of David As Islamic Symbol

Here's the shocking part: Some of this is actually true

Palestinian Authority Revokes 50 NGO Licenses

Those who claim to be so concerned about Palestinian human rights just snore when those rights are potentially being violated by the PA

Using Gandhi To Sanctify Hamas

Amid growing Israel-India ties, BDS activists seek to set foot in the Hindu-majority country
Mahmoud Abbas

All Palestinians Are Against Terrorism

But that word does not mean what they think it means

Why Does The PA Still Participate In Security Coordination With Israel?

Just because Abbas has maintain security coordination with Israel does not mean he is a partner or peace.

Abbas’ April Fool’s Joke On Incitement

When Abbas talks about incitement, he fails to see his own

Reader Post: Israelis Falsely Claim Ancient Palestinian Bread As Their Own Says Abbas

A new controversy

The Kotel Vs Al-Aqsa

The moral difference between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is made clear by their approaches

A Piece Of The Action

The PA refuse to accept money for their terrorists - unless they get a piece of the action first.

Did Abbas Actually Condemn Dafna Meir’s Murder?

The media claims Abbas has condemned the murder of Dafna Meir, but this actual words say otherwise.

Obama, Kerry, The AP, And The Two-State Solution

As long as everyone from the President of the US to the AP keeps telling Abbas that if he doesn't agree to a two-state solution, Israel will somehow collapse, why in the world would he ever agree?
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