Saturday, February 13, 2016
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Did Abbas Actually Condemn Dafna Meir’s Murder?

The media claims Abbas has condemned the murder of Dafna Meir, but this actual words say otherwise.

Obama, Kerry, The AP, And The Two-State Solution

As long as everyone from the President of the US to the AP keeps telling Abbas that if he doesn't agree to a two-state solution, Israel will somehow collapse, why in the world would he ever agree?

Mahmoud Abbas Confirms He Rejected 2008 Peace Offer

I surmise what may have been going on in his head

What’s Missing From WaPo’s Reporting On Abbas And On Rabin Memorial?

William Booth may be competing for New York Times market share

Anti-Israel? Who, Me?

The New York Times's Andrew Rosenthal can't seem to understand the criticism being leveled at him

Reader Post: Foreign Journalists and Their Hand in Israeli Siege Mentality

Reader Ari takes to task those making the situation here worse for everyone

Abbas’ Non “Bombshell” And Rudoren’s “Oslo Accords For Dummies”

“Oslo Accords for Dummies” - that’s what anyone who relies on her analysis at this point would have to be.

Abbas On Refugees From Syria

Israel made an offer to Abbas more than two years ago. He refused.

Joe’s World: Angel of Pizza

Another cheesy headline
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