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Media Manipulating You With Lies By Omission

Leaving out important details is just as dishonest as flat out lying.

AJ+ Latest Libel Against Israel

A new water libel

BBC Turning Jerusalem Terrorist Murderer’s Family Into The Victims

More lethal journalism from the Beeb

Latest Blood Libel: Zionist Crop-Killing Chemicals of Doomᵀᴹ

Another day, another blood libel

Latest Blood Libel: The Death of Hashem al-Azzeh

Suffering from bad health? No problem, blame your death on Israel!

Reader Post: The Shocking Moral Equivalence of The BBC’s Evan Davis

Reader Johnny points out the differences between the Irgun and modern day Islamic terrorists

Latest Blood Libel: The Case Of Yahiya Sami al-Amudi

What really happened to this 10-year old boy?

Misleading Headline Of The Day

Once again,The Guardian is there to mislead
Israel Under 14 Baseball team

Israel National Baseball Team Wins

Israel baseball teams returns from Europe

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