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Media Manipulating You With Lies By Omission

Leaving out important details is just as dishonest as flat out lying.

BBC Turning Jerusalem Terrorist Murderer’s Family Into The Victims

More lethal journalism from the Beeb

Reader Post: The Shocking Moral Equivalence of The BBC’s Evan Davis

Reader Johnny points out the differences between the Irgun and modern day Islamic terrorists

Misleading Headline Of The Day

Once again,The Guardian is there to mislead
Israel Under 14 Baseball team

Israel National Baseball Team Wins

Israel baseball teams returns from Europe
Rosh Hodesh in Jerusalem

Photo of the Day: Picnic Time

Jerusalem park apartheid fail

More Palestinian Child Abuse

Shame on the parents and enablers!

The Times Cannot Go Cold Turkey From Bashing Israel

The Times has found something else to blame on Israel: Gazans having to go cold Turkey from a popular drug
security blocking Jerusalem traffic

Photo Essay: “Hell” In Jerusalem This Passover

Passover crowds, streets shut and I was back where I had started.
Arab girls sitting at Knesset ceremony

Where Are We Now?

Where were we today?

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