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WATCH: Palestinian Ambassador to U.K: As A Student I Hit Israeli For Claiming Falafel...

Palestinian Ambassador to the U.K. Manuel Hassassian has a few "SS"'s in his name, and it seems appropriate

WATCH: Sudanese Minister: ‘Palestinian Cause’ Exploited by Arab Regimes to Oppress Their Peoples

There are so many good soundbites here, you'll just need to watch the entire thing.

WATCH: Saudi Cleric Mamdouh Al-Harbi: We Need To Kill The Jews, Not Just ‘Zionists’

"Anyone who claims that our war is with the Zionists rather than the Jews is mistaken."

Reader Post: US Jews, Are You ‘Woke’ Yet?

Have American Jews, when faced with a clear and present danger, lost all sense of righteous indignation and their will to live - or just their minds?

WATCH: Indigenous People Don’t Call For A Nuclear Holocaust In Their Indigenous Lands

Jews are indigenous to Israel. Israel is the indigenous home of Judaism.

MUST WATCH: Syrian TV Host Slams Palestinians

Something you don't see every day

Why Can’t Anyone Ask Arabs These Questions In English

Summary: “it was the Joooooos!”

YouTube Bans Educational Video As Hate Speech

"By God, a Muslim's fingernail is worth more to us than the heads of a thousand Jews."

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