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Egypt (Literally) Rewriting History on Jerusalem

Mature and helpful stuff from our peace partners Egypt.

As Israel Applauds Egyptian Scholar’s Message of Peace, Arab Media Tries to Incite Violence

This irresponsible and lethal reporting can only serve to make things worse

George Galloway Makes Complete Arse of Himself (Again)

Although somehow I do not see Galloway admitting he was completely wrong. He doesn't do honesty well.

Egyptian TV Show Prank Shows How They REALLY Feel About Israel

Those crazy kids over in Egypt!

Turning On The Lights For Coptic Christians In Egypt

If this happens any faster there will need to be a strobe light warning on our town hall

Egyptian Actor Karim Kassem Comes Out…As A Jew!

But don't worry. He's not a Zionist.
Elhamy Agina

World’s Worst Excuse For Female Genital Mutiliation

You can't make this stuff..ehh..up.

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