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Elhamy Agina

World’s Worst Excuse For Female Genital Mutiliation

You can't make this stuff..ehh..up.

WATCH: Egyptian Urologist’s Acidic Antisemitism

Old and busted: Norwegian Doctor confirmed New hotness: Egyptian Urologist confirmed!

Egyptian Beach Volleyball Player From Iconic Photo Turns Out To Be Hater

Egyptian beach volleyball player Doaa Elghobashy is not very tolerant

Fat Shaming From Egypt

Still on the subject of big people from Egypt and jerky behavior

Egyptian Judoka Continues To Show What Miserable Person He Is

As if the refusal to shake the hands of his Israeli opponent Or Sasson wasn't bad enough

UK Increasing Budget For EUBAM Monitors Who Left Gaza Border In 2007

This crack team of eurocrats has been on perpetual standby for almost a decade!

Antisemitic Egyptian Inadvertently Helps Answer Question About Lack Of Arab Advancement

"Why are Arabs alone the lowliest, poorest, and least safe and advanced peoples?”

Where’s The Blood ISIS?

How do they keep their shoes so white?

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