Monday, May 30, 2016
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Tag: Egypt

Reader Post: Meet Egyptian Pro-Israel Peace Activist Ahmed Meligy

This is how we can hope for peace. This is how we can believe in peace.

Miss Egypt Posed With Miss Israel. And Liked It

THIS is what Miss Universe is all about. Well, that and women posing in skimpy bathing suits

Video: Jen Psaki Epic Fail


Human Rights Botch

Because It's Only A War Crime, When Israel Does It.

OIC Members Balk When UNHRC Actually Does Something (Sort Of) Constructive

OIC members' opposition to LGBT rights resolution is part of a broader pattern at the UN

Egyptian TV Host Asks Hamas: “Are You Out Of Your Mind?”

Egyptian television host Osama Mounir has some words to say about Hamas's rejection of the Egyptian-proposed ceasefire, as well as Hamas's list of demands

The Chances Of A Ceasefire

It would appear that Hamas are following what is technically know as the “Black Knight Doctrine"

Batsh*t Crazy Conspiracy Theory Of The Day

Meet Ahmed Shaheen, the Nostradumbass of the Arabs

Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin Jailed In Egypt On Way To Gaza (Updated)

And you can call her to express your feelings about it
Arab women photo, image muslim women

Naked Truth About Real Photos of Arab Girls

Muslim Women should be covered in public Muslim men say, but what about at night

You Won’t Believe The Amazing Things The Egyptian Prime Minister Said About The Muslim...

The Top 14 Reasons Egyptians Know Who The Real Terrorists Are!

Jon Stewart And The Zionist Plot To Take Over Egypt

On a scale of Normal to Batsh*t Crazy, this guy is off the charts
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