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Israeli Footballer Maor Buzaglo Poses With Iranian Footballer Ashkan Dejagah

Israeli footballer Maor Buzaglo has posted on Facebook this picture of himself alongside Ashkan Dejagah, the captain of the Iranian national team

Cracks Appearing In Iran Regarding Their “Avoid Competing Against Israelis in Sports” Policy

An interesting follow-up to the case of wrestler Alireza Karimi, who was banned for 6 months for throwing his bout against Alikhan Zhabrilov - all to avoid competing against Israel’s Uri Kalashnikov

Jose María Aznar & Stephen Harper: North America and Europe Must Join Israel in...

"To prevent a full-scale crisis, North America and Europe must join Israel in stopping Iran."

Iranians Complain Mosque Looks Too Jewish, AP Buries the Lede

Some did not get the memo that they are supposedly anti-Zionist-not-antisemitic

Iran Announces Festival Counting Down Towards Israel’s Destruction

From the regime that brought us International Holocaust Cartoon Contest comes the latest international festival of hate: International Hourglass Festival, formed with the purpose of "collecting...

The House of Hate That Carl Bildt

Carl Bildt, former Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs and former Prime Minister of Sweden, is now the Co-Chair European Council on Foreign Relations. He is also still an extreme hater of Israel.

Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif Blasts Bibi’s “Cartoonish Circus”

So here's how Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif responded to Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu's "Iranian drone" prop"

Props to Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu…King of the Props

From the world leader who brought us the red line and rocket launcher comes his latest prop - the Iranian drone remnant

Iranian Wrestler Banned for 6 Months For Throwing Match To Avoid Israeli

In what I believe is a first, a sporting body has actually punished an Arab or Muslim who refused to compete against an Israeli

Iran Discovers Our Zionist Death Lizardsᵀᴹ

The former chief-of-staff of Iran's armed forces said that Western spies had used lizards to spy on the country's nuclear program

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