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WATCH: Australian PM Scott Morrison Considering Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Australia's (new) Prime Minister Scott Morrison states he is considering moving Australia's embassy to Jerusalem, as well as considering whether to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement.

Nic “Netanyahu” Naitanui Coming to Israel

Exciting news. At least for me.

What a Beauty! Palestinian “Own Goal” of the Day

A great metaphor for the palestinian propensity to shoot themselves in the foot.

WATCH: The “Apartheid” Israel Lie BUSted!

This next report from Israel's Channel Kan, is an absolute delight - a feelgood story about a lovely lady, which shows the true Israel - not the distorted version being shopped around by the haters.

BDS-Holes Disrupt Holocaust Film in Berlin. Because Not Antisemitic

More contemptible behavior from those who make a habit of contemptible behavior.

Richard Silverstein’s Unbelievable Reaction to Report About US Student Denied Entry into Israel

You can't make this stuff up - unless you are Richard Silverstein

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: The Inscription

Scientists say they have found the earliest known reference to Jerusalem -- written in Hebrew as it's spelled today -- on a 2,000-year-old stone unearthed in Israel.

There’s Something About Roland

Meet Roland

University of Michigan Punishes BDS-Hole Professor

The University of Michigan is disciplining the professor who sparked a global controversy after he refused to recommend a student for study in Israel

Gerard Butler: “I’ll Ask Someone to Burn My House Down in LA So…I Won’t...

It is safe to say Gerard Butler loves Israel
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