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Alan Parsons Proud to be Speaking at Anti-BDS Event

I know if I lived in California, I would definitely attend.

Vancouver Sun Shamelessly Promotes Roger Waters BDS Event

A fully blown advertisement for an Israel bashing event

Head Hamashole Yahya Sinwar: “Now Hamas Will Discuss When We Will Wipe Out Israel”

Wipe us out? You and which army, funny guy?

UK Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Twists Meaning of Balfour Declaration

Ambassador Allen twists the meaning of the Balfour Declaration to suit his agenda.

Fairfax “Journalist” Caught Making Stuff Up To Demonize Israel

Today's example of lethal journalism

Positive News Story About Israel Goes to the Birds

Wow, a positive news story about Israel, from AP nonetheless.

So You Still, Absolutely, Want To Be A Peace Activist? Part 4

The last part of a four-part series

Stanford Israel Association Throws Pro-Israel Arabs Under the Bus

Highly disappointing and infuriating.

Wait, Really? You STILL Want to Be A Peace Activist? Part 3

So you still want to be a Peace Activist? Beware of these common pitfalls!

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