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Gareth Cliff on Shashi Naidoo: “You Are Watching Someone Give Up Any Dignity That...

I was curious to hear what Gareth thought about Shashi's capitulation to the Israel haters, and sure enough, he has weighed in on the issue, albeit before her infamous press conference with BDS South Africa

Delicious! Israel Hater George Galloway Spotted Dining in Israeli Cafe

Pathological Israel hater George Galloway has been spotted dining in an Israeli cafe

Africa’s Largest Trade Union (And BDS Proponent) Mixes up Their Refugees

COSATU, Africa's largest trade union federation and a supporter of BDS against Israel, screws up

WATCH: If You Shrill It, It is no Scream

This woman's da bomb - video bomb that is

WATCH: Shashi Naidoo’s Awkward Press Conference with BDS South Africa

I may be wrong, but to me, Shashi Naidoo looks to me like a caged animal, saying things almost robotically

WATCH: A-Ha “We Disagree With Their [BDS’] Way of Doing Things”

In an interview with Israel's Walla!, A-ha have made comments opposing BDS, with lead singer Morten Harket also speaking about a connection with Israel.

South African Celebrity Shashi Naidoo Walks Back Pro-Israel Comments After Death Threats

Sashi has since posted a retraction of her previous comments, which throws Israel completely under the bus

A-ha Says No-No To BDS

The world famous Norwegian band reveals there was never any question about playing here and ignoring boycott calls.

South African Celebrity Shashi Naidoo Gets Death Threats After Pro-Israel Comments

Barely a month after Gareth Cliff's highly publicized comments defending Israel, fellow South African celebrity Shashi Naidoo has done the same thing, earning the ire of the haters

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