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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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Spot the Difference

European High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini meets two politicians. The difference between the two seems stark

MUST WATCH: US Vice President Mike Pence’s Epic Response to Disruption by Arab MKs

As US Vice President Mike Pence began to address the Israeli Knesset today, he was briefly disrupted by Israeli Arab Knesset members. Check out his response

Israel’s Clown Prince Oren Hazan’s Latest Faux Pas

Israeli Politician Oren Hazan continues to be a national embarrassment

Antisemitism and The Lying Faculty at the University of Warwick

David Collier sheds light on some disturbing antisemitism

NZ BDS-Holes Behind WOMAD Boycott Campaign Are Real Pieces of Work

More on those calling for the boycott of Israeli Victoria Hanna

BDS-Holes in New Zealand Show Their Bigotry

Bigotry, plain and simple

Photo of the Day: It’s The Little Things Edition

Courtesy of singer and member of the tribe Paula Abdul

Israel Haters Have Hard Time Dealing with Martin Luther King’s Zionism

Richard Silverstein and Electronic Intifada try and get creative to overcome the problem

Is Kay Wilson’s Story Moving Parliament In The UK To Act?

Kay Wilson is discussing the UK’s financing of terorrist salaries and pensions with the UK’s International Development Committee

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