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Monday, December 5, 2016
Tags Israel

Tag: Israel

82 year old Arab woman points to her land in Amona for reports on Media Central trip of Ofra

Amona: Beyond The Emotions

Amona is set for destruction on December 25th

“Palestine Day”: The UN’s Brazen History Revisionism

It is as if the Arab rejection of the Partion Plan and subsequent threats, violence and war of annihilation never happened

WATCH: Celebrities Show Love For Israel (Part Three)

Part 3 of my new series of videos

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Hacks Account Of Hip-Hop Artist ScHoolboy Q

Twitter is really being taken over the Jew haters.

Air Supply In Israel: All Class

What's there not to like about these guys?!

PA Has Hissyfit Because Israel Did Not Thank Them Enough For Helping WIth Fires

This is simply ridiculous. And childish.
Longing for a Hug acrylic by Yoram Raanan

A Casualty Of The Fires In Israel: The Art Of Yoram Raanan

Yoram Raanan's art is a casualty of the fires

Palestinian Civil Defense’s Reaction To 2-Year-Old Palestinian Dying In Fire

With an interesting fact about the village where he is from

Airbnb Shows Israel Some TLC

A caring gesture towards Israelis by Airbnb, in the wake of the devastating fires burning across our land

WATCH: Up Close And Personal With Raging Fire In Israel

Israeli Yaakov filmed this as he tried to get himself, his pregnant wife, and two kids to safety.
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