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Friday, June 23, 2017
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Al Jazeera Fights To Stay Open In Israel, Denying Accusations Of Bias & Incitement

Al Jizz is nothing more than a propaganda outfit that has no business masquerading as a legitimate news outlet

Senior PA Official Doesn’t Get BDS, Apartheid or Genocide Memos

Here's a feel good story to start the day here

About Making Aliyah NOW!

Better to come to Israel when you want to, then when you have to

What If The Arabs Had Won The Six Day War? A Nightmare Scenario

A scary, but necessary reminder, as to why our victory was so important

The REAL Story Everyone Is Missing With Viral Jewish-Nurse-Breastfeeding-Palestinian-Baby Story

The story has gone viral, but there is a detail people are missing.

This Is What A True Friend Looks Like

Nikki Haley is truly a blessing

London Bridge Checkpoint, For Example!

Given the spate of terror attacks in London, Berlin, Paris and Brussels, among other places, here is an idea whose time has come

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