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Monday, July 25, 2016
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Tag: Israel

screen shot of Benjamin Netanyahu for video 5 steps for peacevideo

WATCH: 5 Steps for Peace

5 steps to peace sounds so simple,

The Inevitable “Blame The Jews And Israel” Responses To Nice Terror Attack

It must be nice to live in a world where you can concurrently support Islamic terrorism and blame it on the Jews and Israel.

WATCH: Laetitia Beck Honored To Represent Israel At Rio Olympics

A great sportswoman and proud Jewess

Our Noiselessness is Killing Us

The time to find our collective voice is way past overdue.

Ridiculous Anti-Israel Propaganda Found In Singaporean School

Remember, if you have to lie about everything, you might just be on the wrong side.

Israeli President Ruvi Rivlin Startled By Intruder

Our President has a sense of humor

Reader Post: Why Blame UNESCO When The Israeli Government Is Culpable?

Reader Zahava says this isn't about UNESCO

Israel’s Transparency Law: Two Questions Nobody Is Asking

Curious minds want to know
PM Benjamin Netanyahu at ceremony honoring brother Yoni 40 yeras after Entebbe

40 Years After Entebbe

Remembering the events of July 4th, 1976
philistine bones

New Archaeological Proof Palestinians ≠ The Philistines

A new archaeological find sheds more light on this ancient people

Toronto Store Owner Prevails Over The Evil Forces Of BDS

A store owner in Toronto has refused to cave in to BDS pressure
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