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Friday, January 19, 2018
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Business Insider Perper-Trates Media Bias

The Western media never seems to miss an opportunity to use literally any story to paint Israel as uniquely evil

When Life Gave Israelis Lemons..

This week 15 years ago

Reader Post: How Generation If Became Generation Why (A Perspective on the Conflict)

A perspective on the conflict from a well-traveled Israeli millennial

Abbas Laughs His Way Thru London

An astonishing example of double talk

BDS-Holes Cry About Taste of their Own Medicine

Yet more hypocrisy from BDS

Reader Post: Note From An Israeli to His International Jewish Friends

"Jews in the Diaspora, I wish to share something with you. It’s important, so please pay attention"

Israel Hater Films Herself Defacing Product (A Crime) in Supermarket

If any of you recognize this hater, or where the store is, please let me know

Israel-Hating Artists Pen Letter in Defense of Lorde’s Right to be a Hypocrite

The usual suspects, as well as some you may not have been aware were also standing on the wrong side of history

Israeli Translation Fail of the Day

Spotted at a Hotel in Eilat

When Sammy Davis Jr Visited Israel

A pearl of a find

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