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Monday, June 26, 2017
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Seriously Washington Post, THIS Is What Is Important Here?

In a Washington Post article about a lawsuit over antisemitism on campus, one sentence sticks out like a sore thumb

Al Jazeera Fights To Stay Open In Israel, Denying Accusations Of Bias & Incitement

Al Jizz is nothing more than a propaganda outfit that has no business masquerading as a legitimate news outlet

Reuters Again Uproots The Truth

More lies and half-truths from Reuters

Misleading Headline Of The Day

..courtesy of The Times of London
Men pray at Western Wall before Rosh Hashannah

New York Times: Western Wall Became A Holy Site To Jews Only After 1967

Historical revisionism by the New York Times

Reader Post: Why Dutch Journalist Derk Walters Is Really Being Expelled From Israel

Is Israel really refusing to renew the visa of a Dutch journalist because he is critical of Israel?
Har Zeitim -Mt Olives Cemetery damaged from vandals

Latest Example Of Incitement By Anti-Israel Media…And Peace Now

This has Real J Streets blood boiling

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