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Monday, December 11, 2017
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The BBC’s One-Sided Take on Jerusalem

Not only who was questioned is revealing, but also how they answered

The Guardian’s Priti Pathetic Media Bias

The Guardian have found a way to turn a story about wanting to help Israel's humanitarian efforts into something insidious

Mainstream Media Continues to Ignore Vehicle Terror Attacks in Israel

Following Tuesday's vehicle terror attack, many in mainstream media have come out with timelines of world vehicle attacks

Arab Media’s Latest Attempt To Demonize Israel Backfires

Where what they try to stress is NOT the real takeaway of this story

The Times of Israel, What’s Your Game?

This kind of thing has become all-too-commonplace for the Times of Israel

Vancouver Sun Shamelessly Promotes Roger Waters BDS Event

A fully blown advertisement for an Israel bashing event

Fairfax “Journalist” Caught Making Stuff Up To Demonize Israel

Today's example of lethal journalism

Infamous Moments In Media Bias: Time Magazine on Menachem Begin

What Time Magazine did after Menachem Begin was elected Israel's Prime Minister

Terrorist Rasmea Odeh Deported From US! (With Video)

Supporters were on hand to farewell her (but not so many by the looks and sounds of it)

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