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The Associated Press’ Terribly Slanted Report on Shirley Temper

Karin Laub of the Associated Press has written a terribly biased report about the trial of Ahed Tamimi aka Shirley Temper

The Most Blatantly Biased Headline About Yesterday’s Syria-Israel Escalation

Plenty of terrible headlines concerning yesterday's events, but The Metro takes the cake

The Guardian Plumbs New Depths

The Guardian has published a relatively long article about the history of terrorism targeted at cities. It is worse than you could imagine.

Business Insider Perper-Trates Media Bias

The Western media never seems to miss an opportunity to use literally any story to paint Israel as uniquely evil

Where The BBC Romanticizes Terror and Violence

Another example of the BBC making very clear on which side of the conflict they stand.

As Israel Applauds Egyptian Scholar’s Message of Peace, Arab Media Tries to Incite Violence

This irresponsible and lethal reporting can only serve to make things worse

Pallywood of the Day: The Old Man Who Protected a Child from the Big,...

An example of the palestinians and their supporters manipulating the truth

WATCH: Al Jazeera Pushing Ridiculous Lies About Jerusalem

Al Jizz can never be accused of being objective - or credible

USA Today: Looking for Blame in All The Wrong Places

See a theme in this piece?

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