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Sunday, March 26, 2017
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Time Of Israel Parrots The Foreign Media Line Again

Times of Israel, get with the program.

Footage Does Not Lie About Today’s Vehicular Attack, But Media Does

Just like the attack itself, this brand of "journalism" is potentially lethal.

Why Report From Yemen When There Is Bacon In Jerusalem?

It is not necessary for the established media to lie about something for them to create a completely #FakeNews impression.

Mainstream Media Ignoring Purim Terror Attack

Palestinians continue their time-honored tradition of attacking Jews on their festivals, and the MSM ignores it

CTV Guilty of Picture Abuse

Yet more lethal journalism

Media Buries The Real Reasons Kerry’s Peace Efforts Failed

Kerry: “an absolute idiot when it comes to negotiations”

Mainstream Media’s Selective Outrage Over Antisemitism In US

Why is mainstream media phoning in stories of certain kind of Jew hatred, where they haven’t paid attention before?

When Mainstream Media And UNRWA Yawn At Killing Of Two Young Palestinians

Once again, the mainstream media and so-called human rights organizations show their real agenda

AJ+ Latest Libel Against Israel

A new water libel

The New Journalism – Balancing What You Say with What They Hear

It really never comes down to what we say, so much as what they hear.
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