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An Open Letter to the Media

Why are these facts radically minimized, if not ignored?

The Daily Times of Pakistan Blames Israel for Death of Baby That Even Hamas...

Two competing claims: death due to a pre-existing condition vs death due to tear gas inhalation, yet the AFP goes with alternative two, the one that blames Israel

AP Hides Important Fact about Palestinian Who Set Himself on Fire

The AP reports how a palestinian set himself on fire, the reasons for him doing so not being clear. Or were they?

In The Name of Journalism

Today we are witnessing another blood libel - from journalists not only in the Arab world, but also in the West.

The Guardian Can’t Escape Being The Guardian In Eurovision Article (Updated)

They can't quite shake their tendency to be The Guardian

The #FakeNews Casualty Nonsense Continues

Ha’aretz and all the news wires are continuing to report #FakeNews casualty counts from Hamas.

The Daily Mail Plays Dirty

Shame on the Daily Mail for this shameless dishonesty and lack of any journalistic ethics.

Washington Post Should Win a Gold Medal for this Media Bias

Where the Washington Post parrots palestinian propaganda and does not even do the basic minimum of fact-checking

Daily Mail Tries to Pass Off Old Video as Footage of Latest Gaza Death

This goes beyond "mere" manipulation of emotions into outright lie territory

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