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The New York Times Get Skewered on Twitter

Not since #AskHamas and #AskGalloway has a tweet been so....asking for it.

Israel Under Attack While World Yawns

Honestly, how many of you learned about any of this going on from the mainstream media?

WATCH: The Lies of Shirley Temper

Where I expose Shirley Temper's most egregious lies from an interview with AJ+

WATCH: Sky News Messes Up Trying to Paint Israel as “Apartheid” State

In the wake of Israel's Nation-State bill, Sky News has been at the forefront of demonizing us.

Some of the Worst Mainstream Media Headlines from Today’s Events in Israel & Gaza

Some of the worst culprits in reporting the rocket and mortar attacks on Israel and our response

New York Times Critic Doesn’t Doesn’t Dance Around His Hatred of Israel

Alastair Macaulay, the New York Times chief dance critic, seems to froth at the mouth when it comes to Israel.

Is the New York Daily News Going The Anti-Israel Route?

Could this signal a change now that it is no longer owned by the pro-Israel Mort Zuckerman?

If I Was an Electronic Intifada Writer: Butcher Edition

How would Electronic Intifada cover yesterday's foiled terror attack?

BBC Finds Andrew Marr Guilty of Rules Breach Over Anti-Israel Statement

BBC bosses have found Andrew Marr guilty of breaching editorial guidelines with a ‘misleading’ claim that Israel had killed ‘lots of Palestinian kids’

An Open Letter to the Media

Why are these facts radically minimized, if not ignored?

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