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WATCH: Protesters at “Don’t Bomb Syria” Protest Show Mind-blowing Ignorance About Syria

This video by the Israel Advocacy Movement is described by them as "quite possibly the funniest and most worrying video" they've ever filmed." And you'll see why

Mainstream Media Outlets Imply Israeli Airstrike in Syria Hurt Children

A number of MSM outlets chose to accompany their reports of the Israeli airstrike in Syria with images of some young victims of Assad's suspected poison gas attack on Douma

Future Darwin Award Candidate of the Day

..is 25-year-old Swedish meathead Benjamin Ladraa

The Most Blatantly Biased Headline About Yesterday’s Syria-Israel Escalation

Plenty of terrible headlines concerning yesterday's events, but The Metro takes the cake

Conan O’Brien Amazed By Israel’s Work Treating Wounded Syrians

“I am amazed and excited by what is being done here at Ziv for the sake of people from a neighboring country and an enemy"

Know Your History: ‘Same Arab Race’ in Syria and Palestine (NY Times Sept 1,...

More proof there was no separate “palestinian” identity, and that the Arabs in the area considered themselves part of Syria.

WATCH: Documentary on Syrians Being Treated in Israeli Hospitals

This is a must-see if you want to understand just how Israel is helping Syrian civilians

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