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Operation: WhatsApp With Hamas?

The Twitter account @HamasInfoEn tweeted on Tuesday an invitation to join their WhatsApp group for the latest "statements and comments" related to The Hamas Movement

The Mossad IL: The Other Other Israeli Intelligence Agency

The parody Mossad guy introduces the Mossad. Well, his version of it, at least

Hamas Gets Into Spat with Parody Mossad Account

I will continue to enjoy the fact our enemies are so dumb

Richard Silverstein Falls for Spoof (Yet Again)

Undone by the Mossad!

WATCH: The Mossad Is Hiring

Oh, how times have changed

Yossi Cohen: My Son The Warrior

Yossi Cohen is the new Mossad chief, but he says his son Yonatan is the real hero in the family.

Guest Post (Dickie Sliverstein): Another Mossad Hit

Guest poster Dickie with his latest scoop (of dung)

Comedy Gold: Asghar Bukhari’s Shoe In Mouth Disease

He's back with a new video, displaying his special brand of cray cray

Reader Post: Confessions of a Mossad Agent

Reader Levi confesses all

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