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Latest FakeNews: Statue of Liberty Was Originally A Muslim Woman

Old and busted: Jesus was Palestinian New hotness: Statue of Liberty was originally a Muslim woman

WATCH: A Muslim Explains Why He Stands With Israel

Ashraf Sherjan, a secular Baloch Muslim, has a message for Israelis and the whole world

Guest Post (Mahdi Satre): If This Is The End….

Israeli Arab Zionist Mahdi is afraid for his life

I Would Renounce My Judaism

Orit feels the need to speak out after the Orlando attack

5 Signs You’re In A Muslim Migrant Berlin Neighborhood [Photo Essay]

Orit's observations from her new country of residence

What Would Happen If They Won?

When choosing sides, if one ignores the moral and ethical considerations and chooses solely based on self-interest, which side should one choose?

Imam Blames Cologne Rapes on Women

Some people really need to shut their pieholes

WATCH: Scary Scenes As Man Accosts Charedi Jews In Melbourne

This must have been terrifying

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