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WATCH: Blast From The BBC Past

Re-watching this old documentary and realising it could have been made this week.

WATCH: Muslim Family In Florida Hangs Israeli Flag In Store As Show Of Support

"The only country in the Middle East that wants peace is Israel and that's why I want to support them"

Liam Neeson Converting To Islam?

Neeson responds to the rumors

Who Is Asghar Bukhari?

Man speak with forked tongue

Terror Attack In France

Wake up world!

Words Of A Mental Midget

Terrorist small talk.

Photo Of The Day: Apartheid Fail At The Showers

Palestinian Arab: "Apartheid? You got to be stupid blind to think so!"
image Muslim man praying, photo Muslim praying on streets

Al-Aqsa Mosque: Hearts or Tails

My first quibble, with their "qiblah"- in which direction?

Dial D For “Dumbass”

This would actually be funny if it wasn't so not funny

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