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Do Not Blame Me For Mia Khalifa-Naftali Bennett Rumor!

Did someone get inspired by something I posted this week?

When They Were Young: Can You Identify The Israeli Politician?

Whether or not you can, I think we can all agree they were pretty cute

WATCH: “The Most Anti-Israel Interview I’ve Been Through”

So says Naftali Bennett, who endured this ordeal at the hands of Tim Sebastian

Separated At Birth: Swamped With Work Edition

Israeli MKs Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett remind us of a famous duo

Video: Fascinating Conversation Between Naftali Bennett And Martin Indyk

A long conversation, but a highly interesting one

“Are You Kidding Me?”

Israeli Minister of the Economy Naftali Bennett uses disproportionate force against a hostile, intellectually weaker foe

Naftali Bennett On Charlie Rose

Bennett gives a good account of himself

Caption This

Some photos just cry out for a caption

Separated At Birth: Joke Edition

In his latest effort to demonize the Israeli Right, anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein compares Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett to the Joker. But Silverstein himself looks like the Joker.

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