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WATCH: New York City Councilman Rips Neturei Karta Nutbag

New York City Councilman David Greenfield has ripped "Rabbi" Yisroel Dovid Weiss, the leader of the nutty anti-Zionist Neturei Karta organization

WATCH: Sickening Display Of Antisemitism & Jews Fine With It Outside DNC

Anti-Zionist-not-antisemite does his thing, while Neturei Karta nuts do theirs

Haters, I Hate To Break The News But Zionism Is Central To Judaism

A post inspired by my brother-in-law's wedding last night

World Zionist Movement Unanimously Shuts Down After Being Shown Picture Of Neturei Karta Activists

Pro-Israel group left dumbfounded when presented with a picture of anti-Israel orthodox Jews.

The Economist Has Found The Real Elders of Zion!

And conveniently they look just like every Jew hater’s caricature of an evil Jew!

Nimble Young Man 1 Neturei Karta 0

Impressive climbing

Anti-Israel Neturei Karta Shocked Muslims Would Celebrate Massacre Of Jews

But have they changed their ways?

Rabbi Antebi is “Jewish Enough” For Hitler Et Al

The Jew-haters don't care about your politics.

Moron Of The Day

Meet "Rabbi" Josef Antebi

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