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That Time Purim Revelers in New York Were Arrested For Fancy Dress, 1868

Believe it or not, back in 1868 in the now-Jewish "paradise" of New York, Purim was no picnic!

Worldwide Anti-Zionism-Not-Antisemitism In Response To Jerusalem Announcement

Muslims around the world let us know very clearly what this conflict is about

Anti-Israel Propaganda In NY State Exam

Are you kidding me?

WATCH: Students for Justice in Palestine Call For Intifada – In the US!

The Israel haters' disturbing call for violence

An Open Letter To New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

The act of setting a bomb is terrorism

Another Israeli App And Idea Making The World Better

Turning the Israeli “monit sherut” on demand bus system into a world wide hit.

BDSHole Admits Defacing Property In CVS Pharmacies (UPDATED)

It’s time for Mohammad Hamad to hear a knock at the door

Operation Poke the Bear

JVP, come at me, bro. You are no match for the truth!

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