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Families Cannot Forget, Let Us Remember

Operation Pillar of Defense was last November, please let us remember Israelis lost their lives, attacked at home

Scenes From A Hamas Rally: Cynical Use Of Ambulances Edition – Updates Below

Remember these images next time Israel targets a Hamasbulance in Gaza.

Immoral Equivalence At Haaretz.com

Where a terrorist organization's agitprop equals the IDF's

Where CNN Admit Hamas Killed Mahmoud Sadallah

But only by association of course, don't expect anything else.

We Don’t Always Do The Right Thing

Run as far away as you can and don't give a moment's thought to not getting it on video, especially with your kids near you

Jon Donnison: Naive Fool Or Terrorist Shill?

You say Jehad, I say Jihad, Jehad, Jihad, lets call the whole thing lies.

It’s Only Mud On A Mercedes

I have that car because of everything this country did for me.

Photos of Hamas Terrorists Who Really Wanted To Get Laid

Because mocking terrorists is too much fun

Drone Sweet Drone

Mandatory reading

Islamic Jihad Arts And Crafts Committee

After losing members in Pillar of Defense, PIJ has resorted to amateurish kindergarten displays of genocide

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