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I Think: This Will Be It

When will it be it?

Know Your History: James Finn’s Observations In The Holy Land 1846-1856

Some more fascinating writings which can help break some myths about the conflict

Know Your History: The Jewish And Arab Reactions To The Partition Plan, 1947

Why the palestinians did not get a state in 1947

Know Your History: A Map Of Palestine, 1855

In this battle of ideas, accuracy, words and concepts do matter, and to claim otherwise is foolish

Ultimate #BDSFail at McGill: Proof The Silent Majority is Real

What went wrong? And what went right?

Know Your History: Founding Of The PLO, May 1964

We jump to 1964 in the latest installment of my series

Know Your History: Palestine, The Land Of Promise, 1922

Another revealing look at modern pre-state history of Israel

Know Your History: Mark Sykes, Post Balfour Declaration, 1917

The latest installment in my series to better understand the modern history of our region

Know Your History: Prince Faisal, 1920

A new installment in my latest series

Know Your History: The Palestine Of 1897

From the New York Times August 15, 1897
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