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Rosh Hodesh in Jerusalem

Jewish and Muslim families could be found in the park cooking dinner on their grills.

#ApartheidFail – as usual.


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More Palestinian Child Abuse Sun, 19 Apr 2015 10:35:48 +0000 It is the kind of scene the media loves – a real ‘David vs Goliath’ set-up.

In fact, that is what the Daily Mail has explicitly called it (while call the little rock-thrower a ‘protester’ for good measure).

But what I see is outright child abuse – the cynical exploitation of a child, potentially placed in harm’s way, to garner world sympathy.

rock throwing child

rock throwing child 2

And in what I am sure is no coincidence, this photo was taken in the village of Bilin, the scene of similar exploitation photos featuring Shirley Temper and friends.

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Photo Essay: “Hell” In Jerusalem This Passover Wed, 08 Apr 2015 17:58:02 +0000 Well, well, it seems that a Palestinian orthodox archbishop said Wednesday that Israeli security restrictions in Jerusalem – imposed for the Jewish Passover holidays – were “making life hell” for Christian pilgrims and Palestinian residents of the city.

That is just not true.

security blocking Jerusalem traffic

Traffic was blocked outside of the Old City. This busy road went to one lane and only special vehicles could pass.

street closed Jerusalem

And from the other direction, there were more Jerusalem streets closed. Trust me the driver in that rental car wanting to make a right turn was not happy at all.

gate in old city traffic and people

Inside the Old City, there were cars and people trying to use the same little passage ways.

security on Passover

After taking a public shuttle bus, getting off in a different location than usual, and walking all the way around, I could not go up the steps to the Jewish Quarter.

image Old City on Passover

I had to go back around in the hot sun and pass another Passover ice cream truck.

That is hell?

image of Passover crowd

Crowds later, I was back near where I had started.

Palestinian women

At least those of us who know our way around the Old City could get to where we wanted.

Well, not exactly.

police blocking St James Street

The way I wanted was one way – the other way. Even though it was afternoon, the crowd lessened, these police would not let me pass. I am not Palestinian or Christian. No discrimination, they were nasty to all, except that guy smoking a cigarette in the white shirt.

Passover in Old City

Yep, back around to the same gate that I did not want from the start, and where cars and people wanted to go at same time.

people waiting to get through gate

Oh, I was not alone, cars going in both directions passed as we waited to use the only gate that I could to get out of the Old City.

Muslim tourists in Jerusalem

Once outside, free at last, after at least twice as much time as should have been, an Arab tour group was also leaving.

Passover in Jerusalem

Those Muslim tourists were no more under strict security restrictions, than this woman with children we had seen walking earlier from the bus.

mnagal smoke in Gan Haatzmaut

I am not an expert on “Hell,” maybe that othodox priest complaining saw too much fire and smoke from people cooking holiday meals in parks?

I was very angry having to go out of my way, over and over again because of closed streets.

Yes, it took a very long time on Passover to get around the Old City.

But, Israel making life hell for Palestinians and Christians?

Maybe our complainer should try checking out life in Syria.

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Where Are We Now? Sun, 29 Mar 2015 15:55:21 +0000 It has been awhile since posting- Where Are We Now? photos.

However, one scene today seemed perfect,

so we are asking –

Arab girls sitting at Knesset ceremony

Where are We Now?

Ok, the Israeli flags are a big hint.

Arab girls on Knesset chairs at Green Knesset opening ceremony

But the chairs give it away.

The Israeli Knesset today hosted a “Green Knesset” opening ceremony up on the building’s roof near the new solar panel fields.

Invited guests were seated on chairs with special white Knesset covers stamped in gold. Included in the select audience was a group of Arab students.

unlocked door Muslim prayer room Knesset

Maybe that is why the door of the Muslim prayer room was open today?

Once again a huge Israel #ApartheidFail and #BDSFail.

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Younis The Menace Follows In Shirley Temper’s Footsteps Fri, 27 Mar 2015 08:21:07 +0000 TM comes the latest in exploited palestinian kids put in potential harm's way by their parents]]> From the makers of Shirley TemperTM comes the latest in exploited palestinian kids put in potential harm’s way by their parents.

Introducing Younis The Menace TM

palestinian boy finger pointing

I am not sure who he is, but there is every chance he is related to Shirley, given the photo is from Nabi Saleh and was posted by Tamimi Press, along with another showing her nearby.

shirley temper nearby

By the way, I say “potential harm’s way” because the parents know the soldiers will not deliberately harm the children. The potential exists because of the rock throwing and slingshot action going on around them.

Update: There’s a chance it is the boy standing next to Shirley in the iconic photo, albeit three years older.

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Ramallah Parties Like It’s 1999 2000 Tue, 24 Mar 2015 17:09:21 +0000 This was today posted on Ramallah City’s official Facebook page.

ramallah city post

Again, this is the city’s official Facebook page, not some obscure Facebook page of some extremist palestinian.

You wouldn’t see me dead there. Because otherwise, you might.

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Photo of Day: Joint List Reps Walk Sun, 22 Mar 2015 18:10:39 +0000 As President Reuven Rivlin waited inside his official residence on March 22, the Sunday after Israeli elections, representatives of political parties came to give him recommendations on the structure of the new 20th Knesset.

Arab MKs at President's house

Here walking the red carpet, past Israeli flags to enter Beit Hanasi, to the President’s private meeting room are two members of The Joint List, the Arab parties that united to form the third largest bloc in the upcoming government, Masud Gnaim and Abdel-Hakim Hajyaha.

Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid had to wait to go in after them.

What an #Apartheidfail!


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Dear UN: New Photos of Real Arab Girls Sun, 22 Mar 2015 14:08:22 +0000 Oh my goodness, in the never ending what will the UN come up with next, Israel is now accused of abusing Palestinian women’s rights.  The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) ended its annual meeting on March 20th, by condemning only one of the 193 UN member states for violating women’s rights – Israel.

As they were busy huddled drafting their resolution, a woman in Afghanistan was murdered by a mob – as police watched.

One has to ask, what about the status of women in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, or Nigeria, where thousands of women and children have been massacred and raped?

No problem – that does not involve Israel.

While the esteemed UN delegates were busy working on their proclamation against Israel in rooms far from Jerusalem, an Arab woman was reelected to Knesset – the same woman who shouted about Israel being apartheid.

Muslim amn and woman sit in Teddy Park Jerusalem

Life in Israel may not always be as idyllic as this photo of an Arab couple picnicking in Teddy Park,

Teddy Park Jerusalem, Israel Arab using fountain

and some women and children may have a male escort on outings to the park.

Israel apartheid?

But, three Arab girls were out alone at night in Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem – and that is not unusual.

Women in Saudi Arabia still cannot drive a car or go out alone.

Arab woman shopping

But in Jerusalem, an Arab woman can go shopping alone – day or night.

image arab girlShe can wait and ride the bus alone, and by law, sit in the front of that bus.

Not only can an Arab woman drive a car, I saw a women wearing a hijab who was an Israeli driving instructor. Now that is a big deal!

Mamilla Mall at night Jerusalem Israel two Muslim girls walking alone

Young girls can walk through Mamilla Mall at night, knowing that they are free to stroll along safely.

Really UN delegates, have you ever really been in Israel and seen what is truth?

If “Palestinian” women are abused, it is because their “Palestinian leaders” have failed them.

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Why I Am Pro-Palestinian Sun, 22 Mar 2015 06:14:33 +0000 ryan belleroseBeing pro-Israel doesn’t mean I hate Palestinians or believe that they do not deserve human rights. Debunking false narratives and speaking the truth doesn’t mean I don’t believe that Palestinians have the right to live in safety and security alongside my Jewish friends either. I am just not gullible and I don’t like liars.

If the language I sometimes use is strong, it is because I believe in being truthful and more importantly, making certain people understand the truth. The simple truth is that Jews are from Judeah and Arabs are from Arabia. Full stop. Nobody is saying Arabs can’t live in Israel (well nobody outside the insane far right who are a tiny minority).

It’s important to note that recently while I was in Montreal, some students who are at the far end of the lefty asshat spectrum, attacked me for saying “If you support BDS and attend Israel apartheid week events, you are not a Zionist.” They said I was “policing other people’s Zionism” I maintain that I was correct and that if you believe in the right of Jewish people to a homeland on their ancestral lands, you do not attempt to de-legitimize that right. A friend of mine wrote “If I want to be a vegan is it OK if I eat a steak every now and then?” It really is that simple; what is not simple is explaining how advocating for Palestinians rights can mesh with my beliefs. We are able to reconcile being pro-Israel with human rights because Zionism is at its core and indigenous rights movement that is incredibly pro human rights.

bicycle cartoon f*cking jews portrait smallerPalestinians have what are called “rights of longstanding presence.” To me this means as long as they are willing to live in peace and not attempt to force their beliefs or lifestyles on others they have the right to live in Israel. What they do not have is the right to force their beliefs or try to impose them on Jews and non Jews. They are not the colonizer anymore; now they have been deposed as rulers. If they want to live in peace, they can, but it’s an adjustment to go from being the boss to being a peer. They need to learn that.

The issue is simple: until the Palestinians demonstrate that not only are they willing to end terrorism and violence against Jews, but they are willing to live in peace, there is simply no chance of a solution that is viable. You cannot expect Israel to give everything the Arabs ask for, without receiving anything in return, but more importantly, without some sort of guarantee of peace. The rest is just dust in the wind. How can Israelis trust people who hand out candy when three teenagers are murdered? Would you? Is anyone surprised that Netanyahu (a political genius by the way) played on that desire for security and got re-elected? It shows us that Israelis are not stupid, that while they want peace, they do not want it at any cost, not at the cost of the world’s only indigenous state.

Being pro-Palestinian for a real pro-Palestinian means speaking up about how Palestinians are treated in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. It means actually caring when people are tortured and killed and not using death as a propaganda tool. The sad truth is the vast majority of so called “pro-Palestinians” just use this as a veil for their Jew hatred. It is easy to see through these people. Just scratch one and you will hear all about how everything is the fault of the “Jooos” (the sneaky ones substitute “Zionists” for “Jews” but Ali Abunimah got busted telling people to do that, so now we know its just code). What’s funny is most Israelis I know are actually pro-Palestinian just out of self preservation. They want those people to be happy and prosperous because then they will stop trying to kill them.

We need more people to start using their brains. If there was a Palestinian state declared tomorrow, do you honestly believe the PEOPLE in “Palestine” would gain anything? Has the PA ever done anything that suggest competent governance? Do you think Hamas has? If they were to be GIVEN a State without being held to some accountability, we would be looking at a corrupt inept state for decades, with no chance at representative government, and damn sure no chance of real peace without violence. This is fact not opinion. Fact based on careful analysis of previous situations like this one.

There is hope. There are now Palestinans who are speaking up and while they may not be “Pro-Israel,” they are not ANTI Israel which until now has been the truth behind this pro-Palestinian movement. By speaking up they risk a lot of persecution and even murder. The thing is, without them speaking up, I would assume that Palestinians are OK with Hamas and Fatah speaking for them, OK with the rife corruption that is endemic in the Palestinian government and OK with trying to kill Jews constantly.

I believe that Palestinians will eventually find a leader who doesn’t want to perpetuate the conflict to fatten his own wallet with the skimming of aid money. Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean we cannot hope. But my support of the PEOPLE in Palestine is based on what I think is best for them long term and I believe that they will need to be part of Israel eventually, but must show that they belong and they understand they belong before that can even be discussed.

Israel is a singular place, a place where people are allowed to worship God as they see fit, where women are respected and where gay rights are not just words but actions. It is the only true democracy in the Middle East and most importantly the people have demonstrated their moral clarity on several occasions. That alone should be enough for us to be very careful about lecturing Israelis on doing what we want them to do. Most of them understand that what’s best for the Arabs in Judeah and Samaria will also be what’s best for Israel and that’s not just giving it up but building it up, making it into a thriving region that is part of a vibrant and peaceful nation. Most Arabs seem to want that, at least the ones not living outside of those borders who just want to see dead Jews.

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Photo of the Day: Jerusalem Marathon Fri, 13 Mar 2015 10:32:42 +0000 Many Jerusalem, Israel, streets were closed to traffic on Friday, March 13, as tens of thousands of people ran through the streets, participating in a  full marathon, half-marathon and many shorter courses that were family friendly.

@RealJStreets #JLMMarathon 132ic

These three girls were taking a selfie at the starting line, and then posed for my camera. I did not see them at the finish line, but assume they enjoyed the run in the perfect weather as did the other people, many who came from around the world specially for this annual sports event.

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