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Fogel Family Remembering

Four years since the Fogel family was murdered
image Israeli supreme court Arab judge Salim Jouran

Shocking Truth About Israeli Elections: Electoral Apartheid

Who is head of Central Election Committee in charge of voting oversight
image Arab girl

International Women’s Day Photo

First Israeli selected to represent Israel as a youth delegate to the United Nations

The Oppression Olympics

The "Oppression Olympics": where people try to make stupid statements to get some pity
image Arab shuk

New Photo of Arab Girls with Video

A new video with those soothing 'female' voices
Senate speech for Israel

MUST WATCH: Marco Rubio Implores Colleagues Not To Boycott Netanyahu Speech

Marco Rubio once again stands up for Israel

Becoming Viral With A Bullet: Gazan Girl Maps Out Intentions

If you come across this, this is what you need to know

Shirley Temper On The Good Ship Throw-A-Rock

What she's up to when not playing the victim for her father's camera

Photo Of The Day: Smiling, Happy Children

A look at the sweet faces of the palestinian children and you have to wonder "Why is it so hard to have peace with our neighbors?"
Muslim boys praying in ruins

Reuters Living with Ruins of Gaza Photos

27 photos of ruins, not one of any rebuilding Gaza

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