Friday, February 12, 2016
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Palestinian Christmas Blood Libel: The Jews Shot Santa!

Pallywood, Christmas style

Palestinians And Supporters Redefine Word “Execute”

An "execution," it seems, need not involve actually killing anyone anymore

Reuters Claim Israeli Police Throwing Rocks At Israeli Forces (Updated)

Waiting for the proof of this one with baited breath.

Why You Haven’t Seen This Shocking Photo

The media is replete with images of conflict in the Holy Land; but there is one shocking photo they don't want you to see

Muhammad Tamimi and the Case of the Ambidextrous Cast

Pallywood continuity goof.

Shirley Temper And Brother Follow The Script

Further evidence the Tamimi children are being trained for the cameras

WATCH: Antisemitic Pallywood Street Theater– Gaza Blood And Rubble Bucket Challenge

Antisemitic Pallywood street theater designed to poison your mind against the Jews.

Shirley Temper Is Real And Really Dangerous

The IDF needs the equivalent of an elite crowd control unit

Latest Blood Libel: Truth Buried Alive Again

Caught in another lie

Regular As Clockwork, Here Comes A New Olive Tree Libel

It’s another Pallywood chainsaw massacre and their coming for the olive trees.

Money For Gaza (A Parody)

An original parody by Deebo

Shirley Temper Tries Getting Herself Red-Carded

An own goal for the Israel haters
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