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Promising Start On Middle East From New US Administration

Not one, but two, promising signs from the new US Administration, when it comes to dealings with the palestinians.

Paris Peace Conference On Israel-Palestine Will Ignore French Law

“This is the first time that a Court has legally destroyed all Palestinian legal claim that Israel’s occupation is illegal.”

PA Palling Around With Jihadists

When it comes to Palestinian unity, peace-loving Abbas will consider anything

On This Day In 1973: Some Refreshing Candor From An Arabist

What James Craig, Head of the Near East and North Africa Dept, had to say after meeting the PLO representative in London

The Background Clue To The PLO’s Hatred Of Jews

An iconic photo provides a clue

WATCH: PA Official: “Do We Have To Hijack Your Planes & Destroy Your Airports...

It's amazing how they open up when the interview is in Arabic and not for Western audiences

Legends Of Tomorrow: Not So Subtle Jab At Palestinian Terror

It's official: this show tells it like it is!

Media Fall For Cheap Palestinian Pope Photo-Op

All in a day's work for the Palestinian propaganda machine
Mahmoud Abbas

More Abbas Speaking With Forked Tongue

Here’s his latest little step in the cynical manipulation of the world’s media.

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