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The “Good Old Days” of Terrorism

It sounds silly, even offensive, doesn't it. To think that there were "good old days of terrorism" - but bear with me for a second

PLO Threatens to Boycott US Products

The PLO has called on Arab countries not to agree to the US peace plan which will be presented soon, to withdraw their investments from the U.S., and boycott American products among other measures

The Daily Freier Helps Reem Assil Choose a Mural for Her New Restaurant

And in the interest of caring, we decided to help you come up with a great idea for a mural! So this morning we dug into an enormous bowl of (Trigger Warning!) Israeli hummus and brainstormed some ideas.

WATCH: Saeb Erekat Threatens US Administration

The palestinians are fuming following US threats to close the PLO office in Washington 

Promising Start On Middle East From New US Administration

Not one, but two, promising signs from the new US Administration, when it comes to dealings with the palestinians.

Paris Peace Conference On Israel-Palestine Will Ignore French Law

“This is the first time that a Court has legally destroyed all Palestinian legal claim that Israel’s occupation is illegal.”

PA Palling Around With Jihadists

When it comes to Palestinian unity, peace-loving Abbas will consider anything

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