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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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When Satire Meets A Fanatical Devotion To Jew Hatred

The problem comes when weeks or months after Purim, these pieces get “discovered” by the Jew haters.

I Became A BDSHole

Why I turned to the dark side

Is Roger Waters Jewish?

A number of readers have contacted me about an IBA news story yesterday, reporting that Roger Waters has discovered he is Jewish
Image Idf soldiers, female Israeli soldiers, photo girls in IDF

IDF Purim Celebrations near Gaza Border

Tzeva Adom, the party was over and no one was laughing.

Zionist Death ZombiesTM

The Zombie Walk is actually a thing in Israel
image men dressed in black

Yeshiva Students Mob Mall in Jerusalem

A group of Yeshiva students has mobbed Mamilla

Reader Post: Yada Yada Yada: Ad Lo Yada?

Reader Dr Elana with a Purim post

Media Drones On About Non-Existing Drone Downed In Iran

MSM has gone full retard, when even the Iranians say it's a hypothetical drone

Join The Gaza Marathon

By all accounts, this is NOT a Purim hoax

Why I’m Giving Up On My Electric Car

The love affair with @btrplc Better Place is over. I want a real car again!

Guest Post: I’ve Decided To Support Israel

Happy Purim to my non-Zionist friends

Happy Purim!

Wishing all my Jewish readers a Purim Sameach
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