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Guest Post (Nabil Haalki): The Products Of Oslo

“God how I wish things could go back to the way it was once, before the so called Oslo peace”

Stuck in Ramallah

What happened when Orit drove through a Ramallah checkpoint?

Scenes From The Ramallah Ghetto

Cellphones, Corporate raffles, Jeeps and more

PA Considers Hiring Israeli PR Firms

As far as BDS fails go, this one could be a real doozy!

Minds Of Peace Given A Piece Of Their Mind..And Stones

A group of Israeli peace activists have learned that some palestinians will resort to violence to oppose their presence

Palestinian Cracks a Fatwa For Online Sex Shop

The palestinians have their first sex shop, albeit of the online variety

There Will Never Be A Two State Solution

With people who celebrate the murderers of children and innocents.

Palestinian Kids Tame Zionist Death SnakeTM

What passes for fun in Ramallah

Jihad In Occupied East London

Parts of East London are now Muslim lands and you, my British friends, are occupiers in your own lands too.
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