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Gaza Boat Convoy Twitter Account Makes Weinstein-Gate About The Jews

The anti-Zionists-not-antisemites are still at it

Jewish Camp Doubles Down on Palestinian Flag Fiasco

A follow-up to yesterday's post

Blogger Richard Silverstein Condones Murder of The Salomons

Silverstein reaches rock bottom

Saudi Arabia Arrests Woman in Miniskirt, And It’s Somehow All About Israel

Doucheblogger Richard Silverstein never misses an opportunity to make everything about Israel

WATCH: The Incredibly Articulate Richard Silverstein

I guess you could say it's a trap I keep falling into

How Times Of Israel Fed ISIS Is Israel Conspiracy Nonsense

Islamic State are not under the control of Israel and Times of Israel should know better than feeding those claims

Interrupting Kids: Who Wore It Better?

BBC interviewee vs Doucheblogger

Richard Silverstein Shills for Hamas (Yet Again)

The pathological hater of Israel up to his old tricks

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