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Roger Waters Doubles Down on Efforts to Refute He is a Antisemite

Seen at his recent Amsterdam show

Roger Waters Furious Over Munich Mayor’s Accusation of Antisemitism

The mayor of Munich has ripped rock'n'roll BDS-hole Roger Waters as an "antisemite", prompting not-so-jolly Roger to get his lawyers involved

WATCH: Roger Waters “Clearly I Am Not An Antisemite”

Waters proceeded to deny he is antisemitic, claiming "I don't even come close to having a single antisemitic bone in my body." 

The Most Disgusting Sight At This Year’s French Open

Roger Waters, never missing an opportunity to show his support for terrorism

WATCH: Ripping Roger Waters for His Latest Gaza “March of Return” Lie

Rock'n'roll BDS-hole just can't help himself. Nearly every word that comes out his mouth is a lie.

Eddie Vedder Still Comfortably Numb on Israel

Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder has had a number of interesting things to say, things that reveal the twisted mindset of Israel haters like him

Sprung! Roger Waters Lives in/Benefits From “Occupied Territories” of Native Americans

While Waters talks the talk in demonizing Israel for occupying so-called palestinian land, and creating songs about it, he does not walk the walk.

Separated at Birth: Fat Head Edition

Roger Waters certainly has a big head

WATCH: Roger Waters’ Non-Answer on Why He Does Not Promote Boycott of Other Countries

In an interview with Waleed Aly of The Project, Waters again shows he cannot stick to one story

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