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Quora: Are Israel And Saudi Arabia Best Buds?

Not all Quora questions about Israel are from trolls.

I Condemn Saudi Arabia For Their Crimes Against Satire

It’s hard enough in a world co-habited by IS to come up with funny. And then the Saudis do this? I give up.

Lamenting The Loss Of The Wisdom And Vision To Behead Women In Public

John Kerry makes me feel ill. Again.

My Kids Are Blasphemers!

And who exactly is that snow man meant to be?

OIC Members Balk When UNHRC Actually Does Something (Sort Of) Constructive

OIC members' opposition to LGBT rights resolution is part of a broader pattern at the UN

Debate Between Israeli And Saudi Former Intelligence Heads

General Amos Yadlin and Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud address pressing foreign and security policy issues currently facing the Middle East

Kissin’ Camels

Saudi farmers have taken to kissing camels

No Dogs No Blacks No Jews

Obama: Would you visit a country with a sign on the door “No Blacks Allowed”? Why visit a country with a sign saying “No Jews Allowed”?

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