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Linda Sarsour’s Takeaway From 9/11…And Other Disturbing Facts

My previous post on Sarsour was just the tip of the iceberg

Ali Abunimah Exploits 911 To Try Drum Up Anti-Israel Sentiment

More dishonesty from the Abumination

Let the Guns Flow Into America

Blaming guns may be politically correct. It is also fundamentally stupid.

September 11: Thirteen Years On

Where has the time gone?

Anjem Choudary Makes 9-11 Joke

The face of evil

September 11: Twelve Years On

Never forget. Never surrender.

Twin Towers, America Cowers

Yesterday, as Americans and the free world commemorated 9-11, Egyptian protesters partied their own way. And the US cowered to them.

CNN’s 911 Commemoration


September 11: Eleven Years On

What were you doing at the time?

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