Saturday, April 30, 2016
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Shirley Temper’s All Grown Up

Plus more photos from Nabi Saleh that show the rampant child abuse and violence on display

Shirley Temper: Old News

A headline we might see in decades time

Roger Waters Starts 2016 In Same Spirit Of Israel Hate

Waters' new year's resolution seems to be to continue with the hateful lies and propaganda

On The First Day Of Christmas Shirley Temper Said To Me

I guess it is no surprise that among all the instances of palestinians co-opting Christmas, Shirley Temper and gang would be involved

The Dark Side Of Code Pinker Ariel Gold

Her Facebook page reveals much about her and her views

Shirley Temper’s Idolization of Terrorists

Not just a propaganda tool

Guest Post (Kasim Hafeez): Get Over The Victimology

“So in summary, I’m sick of the Muslim worlds’ victimology, get over it!”
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