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Holocaust Memorial Day Trust’s Offensive Video

This offends me as a Jew

The Forgotten “Nakba”

What you are not hearing about nearly enough - if at all

Watch: Encounter Between German Lady And Israeli High School Students At Auschwitz

Time for something positive. And touching.

Katy Perry And Madonna Speak Out Against Antisemitism

With many celebrities seeming to side with evil these days, those who speak out against it deserve props

David Ward Uses Holocaust Memorial Day To Bash Israel. Again

If I didn't know any better, I'd say Ward is deliberately taunting Jews

Must Watch: Ben Kingsley On Europe Not Grieving The Holocaust

A great actor and a great mensch

None Is Too Many

We won't stop fighting back

How Did It Happen

How did anyone make 11 million people march mostly willingly to their own deaths?

Morons Of The Day

..are two Australian radio hosts who think trivializing the Holocaust is comedy gold

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Holocaust Remembrance Day or Yom Hashoah began last night

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