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Israel Hater Argues South Africa Should Boycott Israel and Just ‘Take’ Our Water Secrets

Self-proclaimed "multimedia journalist" Rumana Akoob has written one of the most ridiculous things I have read in a while

Pro-Israel Posters: Israel and South Africa

Download and share these posters to spread the truth and counter the lies about Israel and Apartheid South Africa.

WATCH: No Lie Shall Prosper

A great little film that exposes the lie of "Israeli Apartheid" by those in the know.

Reader Post: A Shocking Headline – Israel Denies Entry To An Antisemite!

Reader Justin unloads on the South African Communist Party

Kippas Against Hate

Some positive news from South Africa

MUST WATCH: Muslim Rips BDSHoles

"They are not Muslims, they are barbarians!"

Reader Post: Guess Who’s Not Studying In Durban This Semester!

Reader Justin rips the Durban University of Technology and its student body representative a new one

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