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Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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ATGM Attack On Golan Civilians Proves Once More UNDOF Is Useless

The only thing UNDOF “keeps" doing is spend time and money

Orim At An Anti-Assad Rally

As usual, extreme hatred and prejudice hilarity ensues

Hizbully Fawzi Ayoub Bites The Dust In Syria

He's gone from terrorist "big fish" to "sleeping with the fishes"
image Kurd women, picture Shevet Achim, photo two Arab women

Israel Celebrates 66: Fantasy vs. Truth

As we celebrate 66 years of building and prospering, reality often seems like a fantasy.

Deso Dogg Lies Down With Dogs..Doesn’t Wake Up

Another day, another dead rapper in Syria

Future Darwin Award Winner Of The Day

Meet Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary

Iron Like A Lion In Zion

It’s important to choose carefully your new country to live in.

Concentration Camp Gaza: Big Fat Irony Edition

The civil war in Syria showing the world what real Palestinian suffering is

Al Jizz TV Host Pushes Pro-Israel Meme

In perhaps a sign more people in the Arab and Muslim world are seeing the world's double standards when it comes to Israel

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